A boundless dream


Passion and sacrifice have led Guillermo Macho to Atlético de Madrid’s main U-16s team.

He defines himself as a “committed” player “lacking technical deficiencies”. Guillermo Macho can play both attacking and defending midfielder positions, and although he is about to start the season amidst the ranks of Atlético de Madrid‘s Cadete A Team, he knows full well that he still has “a lot of work” left if he’s set on achieving his dream.

Question.- What do you remember about your time at Marcet?

Answer.- When I was seven years old, my father enrolled me in a High Technification course in Madrid. We really liked how it went so we decided to attend more of Marcet’s events: free kick contests, penalties competitions, tournaments…

Q.- What was your goal then?

A.- At that time I was still only a kid, and I was basically just in it for having fun playing football and meeting new people. Having said that, those courses helped me make a lot of progress as a footballer and, quite frankly, as a person.

“ONE OF the BEST MOMENT OF MY LIFE WAS when my father told me that I’d be training with Atlético”

Q.- In what specific aspects did you improve?

R.- They taught me a lot at Marcet. Above all, my biggest take away would have to be knowing exactly what to do when the ball’s at my feet: making the right decisions under pressure, moving and placing the ball with proper judgement, reacting quickly and thinking fast… In general, the training at Marcet was focused on individual technique if I compare it to what I was doing with my team back then.

Q.- What are your best memories?

R.- I’ll always have fond memories of a dribbling contest that I ended up winning, which was really gratifying. I also remember a tournament that we played in Andorra, where I had a great time.

Q.- How did the opportunity for you to sign for Atlético come about?

R. – The opportunity came in the summer of 2012. I was just 9 years old. I remember the moment my father told me I’d be training with Atlético de Madrid… Most likely one of the best moments of my life yet.

Guillermo Macho durante un partido del Atlético de Madrid.
Guillermo Macho control the ball in a match played with Atlético de Madrid.

Q.- Have you had to make sacrifices to get to where you are now?

R.- Of course! In this world, you have to make sacrifices. For starters, there’s less time to study. I’ve always had to find a way to deal with my studies and squeeze them in somewhere. I’ve had to give up school trips or exchanges which I’d have liked to take part in. Every summer I’ve given up holidays days for the preseason. But it’s not only about what I end up giving up, but what my family have had to sacrifice also, taking me to practice every day, coming to see me at matches, etc.

Q.- What are your goals now?

R.- I want to be improving day by day, work for that dream and keep getting closer to it. I’ve always enjoyed football and I’ve played it with as much enthusiasm as I physically can.



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