A matter of details


Héctor Fernández signs for Real Murcia after two years in the Marcet Professional Program.

Héctor Fernández was at Marcet for two years. He got to know this academy thanks to some friends and decided to try their methodology in an intensive summer course. From there he enrolled in the Professional Program. “My only goal was to be a better footballer than I was before, when I played for Atlético Baleares. It was clear for me that I had to take advantage of all the tools that Marcet was going to put at my disposal.”

And that’s exactly what he did. After two seasons in Barcelona, Héctor managed to sign for Real Murcia‘s U-18 team, which gave him the opportunity to play in División de Honor, the highest category of grassrotts football in Spain. “One day [Marcet’s sports director] Carlos Rivero called my father and told him that this team was looking at me. At the beginning I didn’t quite believe it, but in the end the signing was confirmed and I was very happy” .

“When I SIGNED FOR MURCIA I understood that all the sacrifices I HAD TO MAKE had been worth it”

“Knowing that the Real Murcia scouts had chosen me after seeing me play in several games with Marcet filled me with joy,” recalls the left-back, who was signed along with striker Jorge Bermúdez. “When I received the news, I understood that all the sacrifices I made had been worth it.”

Among the things learned in Marcet, Héctor highlights those “little details” that people normally don’t take into account, but which are so important in order to progress. “Thanks to that my game improved”, explains the defender, mentioning the work carried out in Barcelona with the Video Analysis Department.

El Juvenil A de Marcet, temporada 2019-20.
Marcet’s U-18 team, in the 2019-20 season.

“In those two years I also was lucky to face the best teams in Spain. Traveling with my teammates to the sports cities of these clubs is an experience that I will never forget.” For the left-back, playing against great teams was essential to measure his level. A level that has now been definitively certified with the signing for Real Murcia. “I left Marcet being very excited for my new destination. Now I want to work hard. My goal this year is to continue improving as a player.”



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