How to get a footballer’s physique


Optimising muscle development is within everyone’s reach thanks to last generation technology and a meticulous work-plan.

Having an athletic build is a necessity when aspiring to professional football. Technology can be an invaluable ally when sculpting a toned and athletic physique. Thanks to a specialized bio-impedance scale designed for high performance sports professionals, Marcet’s physical trainers formulate extensive and precise reports on the physical conditions of their trainees.

This non-invasive medical procedure is based on information collected trough the electrical properties of tissue. In just a few seconds, it shows us the footballer’s body composition. Nevertheless, it doesn’t limit itself to disclosing a body fat percentage or body mass reading, but also collects data on metabolic age, visceral fat index and cellular hydration.

A detailed guideline

With said information, the physical trainers at Marcet are able to detect certain bodily imbalances and pro-duce a detailed guideline to rectify any physical instabilities. For each and every variable, an exhaustive and meticulous work-plan is built. The objective being to eliminate any physical instabilities and to optimise muscle development according to age and professional foot-ball standards.

Bioelectrical impedance analysis is the first step towards improving body composition and being increasingly effective in the playing field. All things considered, today in age, having a footballer’s physique is within everyone’s reach.

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