Hyper Showdown Football


Technology, statistics, television programs… An innovative format aimed at revolutionizing sports competition, now included in the Professional Program.

Transforming youth football and capturing the interest of our young players is an exciting challenge, especially with the competition from addictive technologies. Far from seeing this as an obstacle, we have turned this situation into an advantage by introducing a revolutionary proposal: the technological match, which combines the passion for football with the latest technology to enhance the on-field experience and personal development of players.

Each player and coach will have access to advanced technology for self-awareness and personal improvement. A digital TV program will cover all aspects of the project, motivating players and bringing the excitement of the matches to homes. Additionally, we aim to redefine the youth football experience by focusing on leadership, enjoyment, learning, and competition, in collaboration with clubs and the Catalan Football Federation.

Project Fundamentals

Hyper Showdown Football is an innovative competitive format for youth football that will be launched in Catalonia in the 2024-2025 season. Developed by The Goal Shack TV and supported by historic clubs and the Catalan Football Federation, it aims to enrich youth football with an innovative competitive platform.

Participating clubs will benefit from increased visibility and development, while players will play in stadiums adapted for TV broadcasts. Coaches will access detailed analyses and advanced technologies. Additionally, the initiative will attract sponsors and partners thanks to TV visibility.

This competition system includes various tournament formats designed to enhance the development and projection of emerging football talents. These championships cover competitive opportunities at all levels, providing each player with the right stimuli to progress by testing their potential.

Hyper League

The Hyper League is an innovative football competition under the umbrella of the Catalan Football Federation including 8 clubs and a Wildcard team, adding an element of surprise to the tournament results. During the seven matchdays, teams face the Wildcard in the TechStadium, with live broadcasts. Meanwhile, other teams play in their own federated leagues. The standings combine the results of both competitions. The top four teams play in the Final Four.

The 2024-2025 season is divided into three cycles: Apertura, Meridiano, and Clausura, with specific match times for juveniles, cadets, and juniors. The Hyper League promotes competitive excellence and cohesion between leagues, being meticulously designed for teams and players demonstrating a competitive standard in notable progression. It is a unique opportunity to attract the attention of scouts from professional clubs in Spain and Europe, as well as college coaches from the United States.

The Goal Shack TV

The exclusive digital TV program for Marcet students offers an immersive experience for players, families, and fans. From detailed technical analysis to exclusive interviews, this audiovisual platform provides an in-depth perspective on the development and performance of participants in the competitions. The continuous interaction and educational segments enhance the experience, increasing the visibility of students and allowing for more active participation in their sports journey.

Goal Shack TV will offer weekly TV coverage, broadcasting goals and exciting moments, while also providing detailed statistics and analysis of the main players on the field and their plays. The platform will encourage social media interaction with contests and polls. A specific segment will highlight the player of the week, not only for their skills on the field but also for their contribution to the team and the community.


In this state-of-the-art stadium, the matches that are broadcast live on television will be played. The field configuration – located at the Marcet High Performance Sports Center – allows for a more immersive viewing experience, with cameras capturing the excitement of the players, audience reactions, and the overall atmosphere of the event.

The stadium’s technology can enable the integration of interactive features for spectators, such as live voting, favorite play analysis, and social media participation, creating a more dynamic viewing experience. Teams benefit from a professional environment and greater exposure. This platform elevates amateur football to unprecedented levels of recognition and appreciation, transforming the perception and enjoyment of the sport.

Marcet Scan Vision

This cutting-edge technological tool revolutionizes football analysis. Using Big Data technology and analyst expertise, it provides a comprehensive analysis of performance in each match, evaluating over 500 data combinations per player and the team as a whole.

The benefits for Marcet students’ development include a deep understanding of the game, personalized and precise feedback, technical and tactical development, and motivation to improve and achieve goals. This system provides players with a clear view of their strengths and areas for improvement, driving their growth and active participation in their development process.

Marcet Scan Vision is a comprehensive tool that provides an exhaustive analysis of key aspects of the football game. For example, thanks to this technology, it is possible to analyze the average positioning of all players during the 90 minutes or in specific periods of the match, comparing with other players or other matches.

The system also collects detailed information about shots taken during the match, including data such as shots on goal, blocked shots, missed shots, or the area of the field from which they were executed. An endless amount of objective data is also recorded for passes, fouls, or duels, with statistics indicating the success rate in each case, offering a detailed and complete analysis that provides valuable insights for making strategic decisions for the individual training of each student.

An Innovative Experience

The Hyper Showdown Football project, with the Hyper League and The Goal Shack TV, promotes competitive excellence and cohesion among different leagues, creating a unique environment where achievements in local competitions are valued and rewarded on a broader, global stage thanks to TV broadcasts and follow-up programs.

The combination of televised matches at the TechStadium and the results obtained in federated leagues provides a fascinating mix of strategy, skill, and sports performance, culminating in a comprehensive and multi-dimensional football experience that benefits the sports training of the students at the Marcet High Performance Academy.

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