If it isn’t fun, you aren’t learning


Easter holiday courses are proof that a fun environment isn’t incompatible with demanding high-level sports training.

School holidays are a chance for students to put their books down, rest their minds and recharge, and what better way to top it off with some football. In Barcelona and Madrid, hundreds of children made the most of their Easter holidays to improve their football technique. Their smiles spoke for themselves, showing that not only were they improving their skill set, but they were also having a great time doing so. As if that wasn’t enough, the whole experience was rounded off by the perfect weather conditions.

The Easter holiday intensive courses are concentrated into a few days in which children live and breathe football. A positive atmosphere throughout an entertaining training session doesn’t necessarily have to get in the way of the trainees’ demands and dedication to their sporting progress. Our coaches were there to give words of advice, point out and, when necessary, individualise their teaching so that every single trainee could attain and develop new concepts to then execute them in the best possible way.

Discipline, in this case, goes hand in hand with a good atmosphere and companionship. Without wiping off a single smile on their faces, trainers don’t give their trainees a moment to relax or lay waste to the opportunity of getting the most out of the little time they have, as can be seen in the following selection of photos taken during the High Technification courses at the Marcet HQ, Barcelona:

Divided into groups, the kids work under the strict charge of their technicians. “There’s nothing wrong with not getting something perfect first-try, the important thing is to understand exactly how it is done and then putting that new knowledge into practice,” a technician tells one of the student groups at the Madrid headquarters. The students observe and execute. Repetition helps perfect movement. Seeing improvements in their actions is a positive reinforcement for athletes, seeing hard work pay-off is rewarding and get’s them motivated and ready to give the next challenge 100%.

The exercises carried out during this course are filmed so that later on, an analyst can give the students technical feedback which makes for a precise, personalised insight into what needs to be improved. This Easter, Marcet debuted its Evaluation Department, consisting of 10 professionals exclusively dedicated to the individual monitoring of each student. When working on the footage, analysts have an objective understanding of each trainee’s performance and development for their reports and detailing every individual’s strengths and weaknesses with the ultimate goal of personalising their future training.

If technique is important for field players, it’s no less so for goalkeepers, who evidently have their own trainers. “If we block the ball we can’t afford to give the opposing strikers second chances,” explains a coach at the Easter holidays course in Madrid, who doesn’t skip a beat. It is remarkable to see how, in a matter of minutes, the goalkeepers make such a significant improvement thanks to their technician’s suggestions.

Both in Barcelona and Madrid, these few days off are more than enough to see the trainees at Marcet make an improvement, learning and having a great time. The positive atmosphere, facilities, and preparation at the hand of our technicians come together for guaranteed optimal results made possible by the Marcet trademark that is the combination of discipline and companionship.

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