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      Why do the Marcet Illuminator Program?

      Marcelo knows that there are some things that he wants to be able to do in football, but he doesn’t know how. He knows the theory, but not the practice.


      Marcelo, for any given reason, can’t do a training sesion on the field.

      Marcelo and his parents wonder how to keep improving the player’s skills with Marcet


      To help Marcelo to keep progressing continuously and with no interruptions from his country, his city or his own house, Marcet proposes to Marcelo’s parents the ILLUMINATOR Program, focused on Marcelo acquiring the ability to LEARN TO LEARN, to keep learning more and more efficiently and autonomous according to his own objectives, until reaching the automation and always accompanied and enlightened by a Marcet Coach Mentor, with a deep knowledge of Marcelo. All through Whatsapp and Skype.


      The Illuminator Program is indexed under the PRACTICE AND SETTLEMENT OF THE KNOWLEDGE PHASE. This is the longest step of the learning process and many hours of practice are needed. Thus, it is paramount that Marcelo takes advantage of all the moments when he can practice. At home, the park, the garden, the training sessions and matches with his team… wherever. Alone, with his teammates, his parents, siblings, friends relatives, a wall… with whoever. Always with the camera of his smartphone ready to record the action.


      If Marcelo has no spaces avaliable to practice, the Illuminator program will focus on understanding the game, with the goal of develop his football intelligence, which will improve his key role on his team when he goes back to the playing field.

      Marcet specialists analyse and process the “MATRIX EVALUATION” of Marcelo that was done by coaches and analysts during the education action on site of the first steps of this example. They establish the new goals that Marcelo should reach during the Illuminator program, according to the Marcet Pedagogical Model.


      The Marcet Coach Mentor is appointed. He will interact personally with Marcelo so both get a deep knowledge about each other and build their trust in order to achieve an efficient feedback. It is a similar situation than the doctor who already knows his or her patient and such knowledge make easier to determine the diagnosis and therapy.


      If Marcelo has participates in previous Marcet courses, the Marcet Coach Mentor sends via WhatsApp to Marcelo (or one of his parents) the videos with Marcelo’s own actions, analysed by the Marcet Coach Mentor to obtain the indicators of the initial evaluation that has been carried out. These images have been recorded during the presence of Marcelo in the educational action of the first phase.

      If Marcelo has never joined a Marcet course, they will work with videos of Marcelo himself that the family has or with professional examples.


      The Marcet Coach Mentor sends by e-mail or other digital mean the Marcet test for the evaluation of the student’s maturity on the comprehension of the fundamentals of the game of Football. This test is based on the observation of videos of real actions and the answer by Marcelo of the questions arised. This test serves the Marcet Coach Mentor to get a clear idea of Marcelo’s level and to establish the necessary strategies to achieve progress on his understanding of football.


      Marcelo receive via WhatsApp sent by his Marcetn Coach Mentor that provides with the theoretical explanation and the model of the skills that have been established.

      Marcelo asks any doubt with his Personal Marcet Coach Mentor through WhatsApp (video, text messages, audio recordings, photos or audio and video conferences).


      After watching the videos sent by the Marcet Coach Mentor, Marcelo has the model that
      can check all the time while he is constantly practising. Even, if he can’t leave the house, practices without the ball and watches games with the criteria that the Coach Mentor taught him. Whenever, Wherever and with Whoever.

      Marcelo asks any doubt with his Personal Marcet Coach Mentor through WhatsApp
      (video, text messages, audio recordings, photos or audio and video conferences)


      Marcelo records the actions that he or his parents consider adequate (images of matches with his local team or training sessions) to be able to analyse it himself and make corrections.

      Marcelo sends to his personal Marcet Coach Mentor the selected videos of his practices.

      Marcelo does not manage to understand what is he doing right and what wrong and, therefore, if he has no feedback, there is not a reason for inducing a change. Moreover, if Marcelo makes a change arbitrarily, there is no guarantee that has been done in the right direction.

      Marcelo asks any doubt with his Personal Marcet Coach Mentorthrough WhatsApp (video, text messages, audio recordings, photos or audio and video conferences).


      The Marcet Coach Mentor analyses and evaluates the videos sent by Marcelo and reinforces every improvement, even if minimal, isolates the errors, points the defects and offers information and clear advice so Marcelo can reach the solution by himself.


      Because this enlightenment feedback, Marcelo tries to understand the connection between his own traction responses and the results. He will perform adjustments constantly based on memory and the information that receives, considering his execution to correct future attempts. Marcelo will develop a better ability to detect mistakes and correct them (autodirect the execution). Learn to learn.


      The Marcet Coach Mentor provides Marcelo through WhatsApp and video conference sharing screen with Marcelo and his parents


      This process of monitoring and supervision of Marcelo’s practice by his personal Marcet Coach Mentor through new technologies will keep going in a loop until Marcelo automates his goals. Therefore, it will last more or less depending on the complexity of the technical or cognitive abilities that we are working on.


      The objective of every learning process on football skills is to the AUTOMATION.

      Automation appears when Marcelo is capable of:

      • Putting into practice the skill with a high level of competence unconsciously. The skill has been practiced so many times that it become a habit.
      • Acting with total efficiency despite being thinking about a more complicated next action.
      • Developing a football that is more complex, advanced, fast and creative, since frees his mind of simple actions and is able to concentrate on more complex situations.football-illuminator

      Once the goals are achieved, Marcelo and his personal Marcet Coach Mentor propose new goals and the process starts again.


      The Marcet Illuminator program includes all sciences, knowledges and disciplines of football, so Marcelo can receive, also, help of his Marcet Coach Mentors in areas like Goalkeepers, Physical Training, Psychology, Mental Training, Injuries and Injury rehabilitation, Nutrition, Academic Studies, Emotional Intelligence, Game Analysis, Big Data, Professional Career Supervision…

      The Marcet Illuminator program has different versions to help to progress coaches, physical trainers, analysts, rehabilitators, managers and, specially, parents of young footballers.


      Pedagogical Model

      Evaluation System


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