In search of 360 degree coaching


Bader al Amri has started to work with Marcet to prove to his fellow countrymen that doing sports and studies are more than compatible.

Bader al Amri is developing an ambitious football coaching project in Saudi Arabia. As the director of Artal Sports he travels around the world to get to know first hand which are best training academies in the world. “We’re always up to date with the latest happenings and at Marcet we’ve found what we’ve been looking for, a football academy where sports education and academic education go hand in hand”.

This is how the blossoming collaboration started and so far has successfully organised two Soccer Camps in Saudi Arabia. “The kids were able to live and train like professional footballers during a few days”, recalls Bader. “The experience was a total success, so much that various attendees decided to travel to Barcelona this summer to take part in Marcet’s intensive summer courses”.

In the video above, Bader talks about the peculiarity of football in Saudi Arabia and the importance of values that the Asian country has. “In Saudi Arabia the kids start training at the age of 17-18, which is too late. Their parents are convinced that if they want to dedicate their lives to football they’ll have to push aside their academic education. This ideology is what we’re are changing little by little with our collaboration with Marcet”.



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