A modern goalkeeper


Isaias Abuabara, the Panamanian Goalkeeper Who Overcame Challenges with Dedication and Dreams Awake in Valencia.

Isaias Abuabara, a young Panamanian goalkeeper, has demonstrated an unwavering determination on his path from his humble beginnings in his homeland to his current experience at Valencia CF, a testimony of his relentless pursuit to reach the pinnacle of professional football.

His journey began on the improvised pitches of Panama. “I started playing where I was born, and then I arrived at Marcet in 2020 for a month after I went to Cornell√†, and currently I’m at Valencia,” recounts the young goalkeeper. The player himself describes himself as “a goalkeeper who plays with his feet and I like to work as a team. My inspiration, nowadays, is Courtois.”

Isaias destaca por su buen juego con los pies y tiene como referente al belga Courtois.

His time at the Marcet Academy was fundamental for his comprehensive development. “I feel that I have evolved at Marcet since we not only practiced techniques but values,” affirms Abuabara, highlighting the importance of the training received. He highlights among the memories of that stage: “The tournaments I remember the most are one in Mallorca, and we reached the final with Marcet.”

His incorporation into Valencia CF, one of the most iconic clubs in Spain, was an unforgettable experience. “I joined the Club because they called me for a trial and liked my talent. My parents gave me the news at a restaurant. Very fortunate and proud of the whole experience and what I learned in such an important team,” he reminisces with emotion, who, at the close of this edition, is part of the club’s Infantil A team.

With great ambitions in mind, Isaias looks to the future: “I want to stay at a first division club and continue working day by day and learning,” which are his short- and medium-term goals in the passionate football world.

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