A Transatlantic Leap


After forging his path at Marcet and various teams, Joan Bauza sets sail in pursuit of his American dream: completing his scholarship and pursuing the opportunity to play in the United States.

From his native land in Mallorca to the university fields of the United States, Joan Bauza has traveled a path filled with challenges, triumphs, and an unwavering passion for football. His memories of his time at Marcet alongside his brother Rafa, his current situation at Converse University in South Carolina, and his optimistic vision of the future.

Joan played for various regional teams in his hometown of Cardassar and other locations in Mallorca until he began his journey at Marcet in 2015. “I got to know them when they organized a camp in my city. It caught my interest, and I attended three others they organized, and that’s where my brother and I decided to go,” recalls the footballer.

Joan discusses with a teammate who will take the free kick.

Marcet provided me with great support, especially regarding technique, as they taught me concepts I was unaware of. They not only focused on the football aspect but also cared about my psychological development, providing me with classes and motivation,” expresses the Mallorcan with gratitude. He adds, “The experience has helped me grow immensely as a player and a person“.

Team. Joan Bauza alongside his teammates at Marcet.

During his time at Marcet, he had the opportunity to face renowned professional teams and participate in international tournaments. Joan particularly remembers one in France, where his team emerged as champions, leaving an indelible mark on his career.

«Marcet has helped me grow immensely as both a player and a person»

After his time at Marcet, Joan Bauza continued his trajectory in Spanish football, playing for teams such as Atlético Baleares, San Andreu, and Badalona. However, a unique opportunity presented itself on his path. “My mother informed me about the scholarship offer in the United States. I remember I was in class and thrilled,” he candidly shares.

Sant Andreu. After Marcet, he continued through several European clubs.

Joan is enjoying his second year of college, where he studies and plays in the NCAA Division II. “What I like the most is that we have a system similar to Marcet’s. We wake up early, train, attend classes, and then train again. The level has pleasantly surprised me, and the treatment we receive as players is exceptional, almost professional,” he enthusiastically affirms.

Para adelante. Joan lleva dos temporadas en la Converse University y sueña con el fútbol profesional.
Forward. Joan has spent two seasons at Converse University and dreams of professional football.

At the moment, Joan is focused on completing his studies and getting a scholarship in the United States. However, he doesn’t shy away from the question about his sports future. He is clear: “After finishing the college league, if playing professionally in the United States is possible, it would be perfect. Otherwise, there’s always the option of returning to Spain and giving my best daily.” He concludes, “We’ll see where the future takes us“.

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