Make your vacation useful and unleash your passion for football. Join our intensive courses and discover how far you can go.

Summer camp

Pre-season camp

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Why do you have to adapt to pre-established dates? At Marcet, we are the ones who adapt to your needs. Join anytime, when it suits you better, to the best football school.

Checking Program

You want to be a professional footballer. More than any other soccer school, Marcet has made it possible for many players. Why couldn’t you? You just have to take it seriously. Come to live with us and you will achieve the perfect combination of football learning, academic studies and personal development.

Join the Marcet Professional Program

Your worst enemy to get the football elite are excuses. Don’t stop training for a minute. Marcet breaks the barriers of time and space so that you don’t have to miss an opportunity to learn:

Join the Illuminator program, and you will be chatting with your personal football coach.

Join the Leader program, and you will have a personal analyst who will dissect your matches or training sessions. First on his own; then in a video conference with you.

Take control of your body! Overcome the limitations that bad habits generate and prepare to become a true athlete in all aspects of your life.

Physical preparation plan + Live training session

Whether you want to reach the elite of soccer or simply want to avoid the serious diseases that bad habits lead to, you need to take care of what you eat. Learn to distinguish what is good or not for you!

Get your nutritional plan

Do you live in Barcelona and spend the afternoons and weekends at home? Don’t lose your time, choose to become a good athlete. Marcet will give you all the opportunities you need to succeed in football, whether as a social or professional activity.

Annual course for players and goalkeepers between 6 and 13 years old

Curso anual para niños de entre 3 y 5 años

Become a football general. If you want to lead your teams to victory, you will need to know all the secrets that will allow you to obtain it. Marcet will give you the Spanish official title of football coach.

Get your Intermediate-level Football Sports Technician Certificate: