‘I feel mentally stronger’


Jorge García, feeling ‘uplifted’ and ‘motivated’ after having signed for Real Valladolid.

As a child, Jorge Garcia went through what most kids go through. “I’d started watching football matches on TV, liked it and wanted to start playing. Only thing is, I was the worst on the pitch at school so I ended up just getting put in the goal every time there was a kick about.” Far from taking it as a punishment, today’s goalkeeper for Real Valladolid‘s U-16s began to enjoy life under the posts, until he discovered how “impressive” the position of the goalkeeper actually is.

“I started playing as a keeper because I had no other choice but now I love it. I find it to be something very special because goalkeepers are always fundamental to how a team functions. We have a very delicate position and can’t really ever afford to lose concentration,” explains Jorge, who now plays alongside two other Marcet trainees, Faysel Hinojosa and Juan García, in Valladolid’s U-16s B team.

“I first came across Marcet when taking part in a contest they had organized in Madrid,” recalls the Madrid goalkeeper. “I managed to win the contest and the prize was a scholarship for a summer course in Barcelona. I really liked what I saw, the intensity of the training and the sheer amount of information I took on. I’d never really had practice sessions exclusively dedicated to goalkeeping before and having that at Marcet was a massive step up.”

After that first experience, Jorge enrolled in the Annual Technification Course in Madrid and returned to more summer intensive courses in Barcelona. “They also called me in to play a tournament in Germany with one of Marcet’s teams. It was an incredible experience which helped me improve across the board. My football certainly felt stronger but so did my mind.”

Jorge, who has always looked up to Iker Casillas, has proven himself a goalkeeper with quick reflexes and untiring focus throughout the game. “I was playing in Santa Marta and at the end of the season I knew that Real Valladolid wanted to sign me in. I’m very happy and just want to keep working on my football. I just cannot imagine a future without it.”

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