‘I learned to play faster’


José Bolívar received a call from the Peruvian Under-20s Team after a few weeks at Marcet.

He went to Barcelona to get out of his comfort zone and accustomed to a more agile type of football. José Vidal wanted to improve and take a step forward in his sports career. And in a matter of weeks, that’s exactly what happened. He trained hard, played challenging games and his name came up in some of the biggest football clubs’ scouts’ agendas in Spain. In the end, he returned to Peru and was approached by his home country’s U-20s National Team.

José Vidal Bolívar Ormeño now plays in Peru’s First Division league, with Club Deportivo Universidad de San Martín de Porres. It’s a relatively young team, founded in 2004, but hasn’t taken its time about making a place for itself in the Andean country’s First Division league, where it has already taken home three national titles. José already belonged to this club before finding his way to Barcelona. In fact, he came to Marcet with the support of his own team, which was also interested in developing their young talent in Europe.

“I’m here to learn”, the Peruvian stated immediately after arriving in Barcelona. “Football here is different from how it is in my country… Everything is much faster and I’m having to get used to this new pace.” This positive attitude and willingness to learn guaranteed the success of his training process at Marcet: “There are many differences with respect to training in Peru. Here they’re always looking for your 100%, whereas back in my country there are players who just don’t give it all they have, it seems incredible, but they ended up getting comfortable because they think they have made it.”

This is not the case for José, an athlete that doesn’t fear change. The Peruvian striker is open to new experiences, because he knows that there is no such thing as evolution without change. “I don’t care if I play for one team or another. Something I really want to work on here in Spain is my weak foot,” he explains before a game against Real Zaragoza. The first of many confrontations that has lead him to challenges against rivals such as Atlético de Madrid, Osasuna, Rayo Vallecano, Strasbourg and Dijon, among others.

After his experience at Marcet, José returned to play with his club in Peru. “When I came back I was another player, my physical had improved, I was playing much faster.” His coach started playing him for longer and he started scoring goals like these:

At just 18 years old, the young winger did not go unnoticed by the Peruvian Football Federation’s scouts who called him in, to the Peruvian U-20s National Team. “It’s nice to be on your national team, I can imagine a lot of people would want to, but you have to take it with ease and humility.” That is, the very same mindset and attitude that got him there in the first place.


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