A Promising Talent with Clear Goals


Joseph Choy: Admires Neymar, Has Already Represented Panama and Seeks to Continue Achieving Dreams in Football.

His adventure at Marcet Football University began with an initial two-month stay, but it was only the beginning of a transformative journey. “At the academy, I feel I grew as a footballer in terms of my physical conditions and in helping others on a human level,” affirms Joseph.

The memories of his time at Marcet are etched in his mind, especially one that stands out above the rest: “I remember the match in Oviedo against Osasuna; it’s my favorite moment in my whole life.” When asked about his playing style, the footballer responds: “I play as a right winger. I define myself as a demanding and fast player. Neymar is an inspiration.”

Before arriving in Barcelona, Joseph had already taken his first steps in the world of football at the Costa del Este Academy in the city of Capira in Panama. However, the opportunity to join the foundation filled him with excitement. “When I found out I would go to Marcet, I felt I was achieving another goal in life,” he proudly expresses.

The path was not without challenges, but Joseph knew how to face them with resilience and commitment. “It was difficult to maintain the pace, to give it my all and not let up, but the competition was always healthy, and I was able to earn my spot,” recalls the Panamanian.

In addition to his experience at Marcet, Joseph has had the opportunity to represent his national team, where he has learned invaluable lessons. “With my national team, I learned to persevere and that even if things don’t work out, you have to try again,” he shares.

Joseph’s aspirations are clear, and he has a bright future ahead of him: “In the coming years, my dream is to sign a great contract and help my family.” His talent and determination drive him to achieve new goals without losing sight of his commitment to his loved ones.

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