‘I grew as a person’


Juan García was seeking out strength and maturity. “A journey that helped me grow and reach out to Real Valladolid.”

One of Juan García‘s fondest memories is a game he played against Barcelona back when he was only 12 years old, where he scored the first goal of the match. At the time, the winger from Burgos was training here, at Marcet’s High-Performance Academy. “We ended up losing the match, but we scored five goals and that season no other team managed to score as many against Barça.”

It was one of the many times that Juan played against the red and blue team in the two years he stayed at Marcet. Like many of his colleagues, he began to sign up for several intensive courses and then joined the Professional Program. He was 10 years old when he moved to Barcelona, a somewhat complicated age to be leaving a family behind but optimal in terms of making progress.

Juan García disputa un partido con la camiseta del Real Valladolid.
The winger Juan García playing a match for Real Valladolid.

I have a long list of memories: tournaments, medals, trophies, amazing opponents… I remember when I was chosen as the best winger at Primer Toque (http://www.primertoque.com/) and got put in the ‘7 Gala’. It was a very important part of this whole journey for me, where I learned a lot,” recalls the striker. “Having started the Professional Program so young, I had a lot of room for improvement and that helped me get to where I am now, for sure,” to Real Valladolid Club de Fútbol, that is, where he plays alongside other Marcet alumni, such as Faysel Hinojosa and Jorge García.

I want to make it as far as I can with my club and make the most of the opportunity,” says Juan, who feels he is in a strong and proactive mindset, as ever. “Football meant that I had to move on and away from my parents which was, at times, harder than I thought it would be. Not having much time to see them, I basically had to just grow up and be strong and mature, which has made me a better person and a better athlete.”

The Valladolid winger looks back at his time invested at the Marcet High-Performance Academy as a “very beautiful experience”, in which he not only grew athletically but also ethically: “When I played in Burgos, I was weak when it came to game tactics and strategy. My technique improved and I learned a lot from spending time with my teammates because each and every one had a very different background. These fresh perspectives helped me become a better person, more humble,” qualities and values that will take Juan through his sporting career and life experiences to come.


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