‘Kun’ Agüero’s advice for Marcet players


The Argentinian striker stresses the importance of “effort” and “patience” in order to achieve success

After being forced to abandon professional football due to heart problems, Sergio Agüero has not completely hung up his boots, but continues to play football in tournaments such as the Kings League, a successful and spectacular competition created by former Barça’s defender Gerard Piqué. To prepare for this championship, Kun’s team chose the Marcet facilities. And, between one training session and another, the Argentinian star found the time to talk to the students of this high-performance academy, giving them advice on how to successfully face their sports career.

The key is to never give up,” Agüero explained to his young audience, captivated by the words of a footballer who throughout his career came to wear the jerseys of important teams such as Independiente, Atlético de Madrid, Manchester City and Barcelona. “The mentality has to be a winner”, warned Kun, stressing the importance of “discipline”, “effort” and “respect”, the same values that the Marcet Football University has promoted since its creation.

I never let myself be carried away by friends. My head was always there, thinking about the ball

“My head was always there, thinking about the ball. I didn’t let me be carried away by friends. I was focused on football, and that led me to success”, recalled Agüero, adding that the life of a professional footballer is very short: “You have to make the most of every opportunity, so you won’t have to blame yourself for anything in the future”.

What is essential, explains the Argentinian striker, is not your physical. “Much more important is patience, which always ends up paying off.” Agüero told how, when he was little, after making his debut he spent time on the bench. A situation he got out of only by working hard and waiting for his chance.

“You have to know how to use your physique, but you don’t have to be big, medium or small. We all have our talent, and we just need to find a space to show it”, Kun told the Marcet students. “Football,” he added, “is not just about running after a ball, but knowing where to move on the pitch. That is what makes the team work, because in the end the games are won by a team, not by a single person. You have to motivate each other, help each other. But the physical, in the end, is in the head ”.

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