Work and discipline


Leonardo Landeros signs for Necaxa after “maturing a lot” over his stay in Barcelona.

Speed, power and a great ability to shoot free kicks. These are the main characteristics of Leonardo Landeros, a right winger who signed for Necaxa, a historic Mexican football club. “Currently I play with the U-17s and little by little I am finding my place in the team,” explains the player. “I am one of the youngest, there is no need to be in a hurry. I have to focus on my long-term goal, which is to debut in the First Division in two years.”

Leonardo managed to sign for Necaxa after he came back to Mexico from Spain, where he traveled to join the Marcet Professional Program. “I was looking for a place that was as similar as possible to a professional club. That is why they recommended Marcet to me. The change between when I arrived in Barcelona and when I left was radical.”

“I was looking for a place as similar as possible to a professional club. They recommended Marcet to me”

When speaking about his transformation in Spain, the Mexican winger emphasizes discipline above all. “I matured a lot, on and off the field. And I did it quickly, because Marcet works like a professional team. In Barcelona I understood how demanding is football. And I also improved a lot in the tactical aspect. What I learned was terrific”.

His coach at Marcet, Felipe Ragel Mármol, highlights Leonardo’s good disposition when it comes to overcoming his limits: “He acted from the beginning as a hard-working player. He is also very fast and skilled when it comes to shoot free kicks”, highlights the technician.

Leonardo Landeros, durante un entrenamiento en Marcet.
Leonardo Landeros in a Marcet training session.

From his time at Marcet, Leonardo remembers above all the matches played against big teams, essential for him to be able to measure himself against important rivals and thus be able to progress. “But the most important thing was the day-to-day training. That is what ended up giving me a different vision of football.” And what probably allowed the Club Necaxa to notice him.

“I was looking for a team at a professional level, so I decided to start sending recordings of my goals and plays. Necaxa was interested in me and they called me to do a test. I was with them for two weeks and in the end they decided to sign me. It was a lot of emotion. Especially since this signing is a reflection of all the work done.”


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