Speed and versatility


Leonardo Frey manages to earn himself a place with Zurich after passing through Marcet.

“I read the email over and over again until I finally realized what it meant. It was true! Zurich had requested I go for a trial… I’d done it!” This is how Leonardo Frey Zalve found out that one of the giants of Swiss football were interested in signing him. “It was what I wanted and in one way or another I knew it was coming. I was playing really well with my club and scoring many goals… Zurich was the logical next step”.

At that time, Leonardo played for his hometown, Meilen. He had been wearing that shirt all his life, but he started to stand out in his team after attending Marcet’s intensive courses. “I did three courses in Madrid and I learned a lot on both a personal and sporting level. After the first course my improvement was astounding. I went from being just another player at Meilen to becoming a real stand-out player, which in turn opened the gateway for me to get to Zurich”.

“After the first MARCET CAMP my improvement was astounding AND I becomE a real stand-out player”

“I went to Marcet because I wanted to improve and see Spanish football from up close”, explains the 14-year-old Swiss footballer. “My mother started searching online and it seemed to be the most complete and interesting option. Marcet takes good care of the technical and psychological aspects and its coaches work with you until you gain confidence in every little aspect. You are also surrounded by people who have your same ambitions, in an environment that helps you improve a lot”.

Leonardo is a ‘sui generis’ player, as he still does not have a fixed position on the pitch. Last season he served as a winger and as a midfielder at Meilen, while at Zurich he has been playing as a right back and central-midfielder. In addition to versatility, he also possesses the virtues of speed, has a good game vision, as well as peace of mind when making crucial decisions. “I always try to think intelligently in games”, he mentions.

“I fell in love with FOOTBALL when I realized all the friendships I could make through it”

The jump from his hometown to Zurich -a First Division side- was not simple… “In fact, it was rather complicated. My teammates had been playing together since they were seven or eight years old, while I only had a three month trial period with them before finally entering the squad. Plus, the training was very different to what I was used to, since my only experience with professional technicians had been in Marcet. But over time things began to change and I really started to feel more integrated into the group”.

Now the priority for Leonardo is to find a position that allows him to develop his full potential and go as far as possible with his new team. “Being here is very important to me because ever since I was little I knew that I wanted to become a professional player. I fell in love with this sport when I realized all the friendships I could make through it. It’s an honour to have reached a historic club like Zurich and this is something that motivates me to continue improving”.

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