Lopetegui, reasons and manners


The spanish bench changes the owner just one day before the World Cup starts. Which are the consequences that the players will suffer?

First was the unexpected news about the sign of Julen Lopetegui for Real Madrid. Then, the dismissal of the Spanish coach and the designation of the new one: Fernando Hierro. “We had to take this decision”, claimed to the press Luis Rubiales, president of the Real Federación Española de Fútbol (RFEF). The result is a changing in La Roja’s bench just one day before the start of the World Cup.

Which consequences will suffer the team? The departure of the Basque coach could be managed on a different way? His Marcet‘s colleagues answer these questions in this uncertain moment for Spanish National Team future.

“Everything has been unexpected, with too much secrecy”, says Felipe Ragel MármolMarcet’s High Performance Academy coach. “It’s a very complicated matter. Spanish Federation has to fire Lopetegui, because the coach had just renewed contract but didn’t keep his word. On the other hand, his dismissal it’s not the best option for the team. Mostly, because Spain plays in Sochi against Portugal in 48 hours”.

“The question: is the federation putting its pride above what’s the best for the team?”

Pere Tarradellas, Marcet A trainer, shares this concern: “Lopetegui was two years working with the players, selected by himself. He also achieved good results. That’s why a changing of this kind and the way it happened may be a trouble for the squad”.

Ragel explains why: “Closest Lopetegui’s assistants will follow him and also abandon the stage. During the hours before the designation of Fernando Hierro, nobody knew who was in charge in the training sessions, the physical exercises or the tactical talks. When a coach leaves, is not only one men leaving but all his collaborators. It’s a really big change. Even worst due to the timing. Maybe we should ask if the RFEF is putting its pride above what is the best for Spain in this World Cup”.

“The firing is not because of the signing for real MADRID itself. it’s because the way it happened. rfef felt betrayed”

Carlos RiveroMarcet Professional Program (MPEP) sport director, also thinks that it’s important to respect the national coach position: “Lopetegui wasn’t in a random bench and he had just renewed. Millions of Spanish people trust him. Dignify his position as Spanish trainer also means say ‘no’ to a big team such as Real Madrid. Even thinking in the Madridistas, who usually are very identified with Spanish National Team”.

So maybe the point is in the manners. “I don’t think the firing of Lopetegui is caused for signing for Real. That’s not the point, but how this situation has been managed”, explains Tarradellas. “The Federation noticed about the transfer just a few minutes before Real Madrid’s announcement. That was important to take this decision, because RFEF felt betrayed. Probably it weren’t be too much problems if Lopetegui just deal this in a natural way”.


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