A test to be enjoyed


Marcet’s U-16s team faces Valencia a few weeks before starting a tour through northern Spain.

Challenging big teams is a necessary step on the road to football excellence. Playing against distinguished clubs is essential for testing young players technically, tactically and psychologically. Sooner or later, those who aspire to professional football have to learn how to manage their emotions in the face of these challenges. Therefore, Marcet’s U-16s team’s visit to Valencia‘s pitch was a very important test for the High Performance Academy‘s players.

The video heading this page shows how the players involved were impressed and inspired by the whole experience. Marcet’s technical staff also considers this match as a key moment of preparation for the tour that awaits the U-16s team, early this December, when it will face Osasuna, Real Oviedo and Sporting de Gijón. These same dates will see other Marcet teams face clubs like Leganés, Castellón or Albacete.

Every year our High Performance Academy organizes dozens of matches, much like this, that take advantage of these resting periods for federation leagues. In addition to being an excellent opportunity to put these athletes to the test and help them make progress; games like these are also an occasion for fun. It goes without saying that it’s only really possible to make the absolute most of these matches if they’re approached with a positive attitude. Just as Marcet’s U-16s squad coach says at the beginning of the video: “Other than the actual result, the most important thing here is enjoying the moment.”


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