Competition for training


Matches are an invaluable educational tool for the personal evolution of Marcet’s players.

Training is Marcet’s reason for being. Our Academy’s end game is discovering the true potential of each player, determining what skills need to be honed to then develop and design a clear road maps that allows our trainees to reach success. The priority here is the individual evolution of each and every student. In no circumstance should individual growth be subordinated to the results imposed by competition. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that championship cups and league tournaments are useless. On the contrary, competitive stimuli are essential to achieving individual excellence.

“Other football academies assemble orchestras, we create instrumentalists!” Javier Marcet‘s words distinguish a grassroots football method oriented at assembling teams as opposed to another, focused on perfecting individual talent. In the former, the present collective of players comes first: if a player’s performance isn’t up to standard, colleagues will make do and rely on him or her to eventually catch up. When a player ceases to be of any use to a team, said player is replaced. On the other hand, when individual training is prioritised, competition goes from closing doors to opening them, becoming an interesting didactic tool that feeds the evolution of each trainee.

Marcet’s Teams are designed to provide A functional context for PLAYERS’ personal development

This is precisely the purpose behind Marcet’s Teams, designed to provide its players with a functional, academic context for their personal development. Competition, properly understood, is essential to improvement. Going back to Javier Marcet’s metaphor, you could say that the orchestra itself isn’t the end game, but it is the necessary environment for the progress of each instrumentalist.

Marcet’s Teams are made by way of selecting players with similar skills and competences. Homogeneity regarding player ability is fundamental to allowing students to express their full potential during the various matches and international championships they take part in. Through competition, Marcet’s coaching staff can observe their players in a series of situations that simply do not occur during practice sessions.

Competition is important, but never should it condition an aspiring professional athlete’s training

Every game is filmed so that the Evaluation Department can carry out objective analysis by the Matrix Program‘s guidelines. This evaluation system allows Marcet’s technicians to establish individual goals to determine exactly what skills each player has to acquire in order to make progres. This involves evaluating students constantly to monitor their evolution and design a clear roadmap that adapts their sporting education to the unique characteristics of each person.

The advantages of belonging to a Marcet team can be accounted for in terms of training and personal evolution. Thanks to Marcet’s Pedagogical Model and the principles behind our Tailor-Made, the player visibly appreciates real progress throughout the season which, in turn, creates a self-sustaining virtuous circle. Competition is always important, but never should it condition an aspiring professional athlete’s training.

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