The most outstanding young players to have passed through our football Academy sum up a value of over 22 million euros.

Spain, Italy, Mexico, Portugal, Russia… Each year the number of young atheletes passing through our academy grows as they gain a foothold in the world’s most prestigious leagues. The best among them assemble Marcet’s Eleven Pro, which brings together the 11 under 30 most outstanding players who have spent time and developed themselves as athletes at our football school. A combination of skill that would prove itself a hard nut to crack for any team and to which the website Transfermarkt attributes a value of more than 22 million euros.

Óliver Torres would undoubtedly be the captain of this virtual selection. First of all for seniority, as the talented athlete from Extremadura was the first of Marcet’s players to reach his debut in the First Division. In recent years he has played in teams like Porto, Atlético Madrid and Villarreal, has taken part in the Champions League and has been proclaimed champion of both the Spanish and the Portuguese league. The midfielder also won the European Championship with the Spanish Under-19s National Team and is currently worth 12 million euros. A great example of success for thousands of young and aspiring players who dream of reaching professional football.

If Óliver is the brain of Marcet’s Eleven Pro, the spearhead of the team is composed by a Spaniard, a Honduran and a North Korean. Together they are worth almost 7 million euros and have several successful seasons under their belts to show their worth. The tip of said spearhead is Álvaro Jiménez, a right-winger from Córdoba who knows what it means to play first division. He spent last season with Getafe, before the club yielded his position this year to Sporting de Gijón. At 23, Álvaro still has room for improvement and will no doubt surprise us again in the near future.

Former Marcet players Óliver Torres, David Soria y Han Kwang-Song.
Former Marcet players Óliver Torres, David Soria y Han Kwang-Song.

The other two forwards are Jonathan Toro and Han Kwang-Song, two young talents that coincided in the High-Performance Academy during the 2013-14 season. The Honduran was in the final stretch of his formative stage, about to start an international journey that would take him to clubs like Sion, Gil Vicente, Huesca and Varzim.

His partner Han spent less time in Barcelona. The Pyongyang forward trained at Marcet for a year alongside 17 other players from North Korea, as part of a training project sponsored by the North Korean Government. His time in Barcelona helped him adapt to European football and then sign with Cagliari, with whom he scored in the Italian Serie A. This season he will play on loan for Perugia.

An international team

By Óliver’s side, the centre of the field is occupied by Pedro Arce, Misael Domínguez and Vladi Van de Wiel. The first two come from the same city, Saltillo, and currently play in the First Division of Mexico, in America and the Cruz Azul respectively. Vladi is only 18 years old and has made it to Gent‘s team, a historic Belgian football club.

Vladimir Moskvichev is also 18 years of age and is currently worth 300,000 euros in the transfer market. Formed during the Marcet summers courses, he now plays for Dynamo Moscow in the Russian First Division. By his side is Adrián Cova from Atlético Madrid, and Berta Pujadas, which has just reached second place in the world with Spain’s U-20s team. The defender plays in First Division with Espanyol and was also in Barça‘s subsidiary, which has tried to re-sign her this summer.

Berta Pujadas (left) in a game of the Spanish National Team.
Berta Pujadas (left) in a game of the Spanish National Team.

David Soria completes Marcet’s Eleven Pro. The goalkeeper has just premiered with Getafe after several seasons in Sevilla, with which he won a Europa League. Currently worth 3 million euro. Who would have said, a decade ago, when the goalkeeper coincided with Óliver Torres at Marcet’s High-Performance Academy. Destiny may have lead them down different paths, but here they stand reunited today again in this virtual eleven.

Marcet’s Eleven Pro also does not lack substitutes. Many are the players who have been left out of this ‘call’ such as the keepers Álvaro Fernández, Edu Frías, Javier Cendón and María Concha, of Malaga, Espanyol, Villarreal y Gallos de Querétaro respectively. Or the midfielders Choe Song-Hyok, who signed for Fiorentina after having won the U-16 Asian Championship with North Korea; Marta Pérez, today in First Division at Betis; and Deependra Negi, of Kerala Blasters. Also worth mentioning are the forwards Konrad de la Fuente, from Barça, and Nikita Muromskyi, from Ural.

El once ideal de ex alumnos Marcet que ahora militan en las canteras de grandes equipos.
The best former Marcet players with no market value yet.

But talent has no age, and that is why we have also put together Marcet’s Eleven Promises for players who have reached the quarries of first-line teams and still have no market value. A complicated selection, given the large number of children and cadets in our football school that today sport the colours of Europe’s best clubs.

The team includes Rubén Paraíso and Alonso Bragado, of Real Madrid; Bryan Ramírez, Juan David Fuentes and Alex Ginard, from Barça; Enrique Peña and Guillermo Macho, of Atlético Madrid; Israel González and Cayetano Gutiérrez, from Levante; Nacho López, from Villarreal; and Bruno Padovani, from Stoke City. One thing they all have in common is that at a certain moment of their football training, they trusted Marcet to help them progress and try to make the seemingly impossible leap to a great club. Our Hall of Fame gives an account of their personal stories and how they came to turn their dreams into a reality.