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Marco Cubillo, a Costa Rican goalkeeper trained at the Marcet Academy, plays in his country’s professional football and aspires to leap the MLS.

Cubillo attributes his success to his footwork, technical finesse, and unshakable composure on the field. “I consider my greatest strength to be my proficiency in playing with my feet and maintaining a calm demeanor during matches,” describes Marco. He draws inspiration from German goalkeeper Ter Stegen and his compatriot and legendary player, Keylor Navas.

His football journey commenced in his homeland, Costa Rica, where he honed his skills with prestigious clubs such as Saprissa and Cartaginés in the top-flight division. However, in 2018, a new chapter beckoned him to the Marcet Academy. “It was Germán Vargas who recommended me to the Marcet executives. I spent a year there, and what I value the most is the solid technical and tactical foundations I acquired, which I continue to apply to this day,” shares the 2001-born Costa Rican.

Reflecting on his time at the academy, Cubillo identifies a comprehensive evolution. “I learned many technical gestures and tactical positions that were previously unfamiliar to me, and I also believe I underwent a significant personal transformation.”

Following his enriching experience at Marcet, he returned to Cartaginés, this time as a member of the first-division team. Additionally, he had the honor of representing his national team in the qualification process for the U-20 World Cup, fulfilling two of his most cherished dreams as a footballer. “Unfortunately, we didn’t secure a spot in the World Cup, but the journey was an invaluable experience. It will always be an honor to represent my country in any competition,” he asserts with determination.

Looking forward to more playing time, Cubillo joined Puerto Golfito in

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