‘I want to live off football’


Marcos Ortega Lara needed more from his training. He signed up for Marcet’s Annual Course and ended up signing to Real Madrid.

The first step to real improvement is being aware of what needs to change. Progress is impossible if we are not willing to recognize that there are things we do not know. Overcoming unconscious ignorance is essential to advancing in football and Marcos Ortega Lara knows this only too well. It’s something that he learned at Marcet, where he started attending courses at the age of 14, after having defended Rayo Vallecano’s goal posts for four consecutive seasons.

One day I went to see my little brother at practice in the academy,” recalls the Madrid keeper. “I liked what I saw and decided to join in. At Marcet I realized that there were a lot of things that I needed to improve on, mostly thanks to Emilio, my technician at the time. I worked really well with him and, the truth is, Marcet gives you certain things that your local neighbourhood club just can’t.”

Marcos had started playing as a child on his school team, San Pascual Monptellier. After arriving at Rayo, he made the decision of enrolling in Marcet’s Annual Course for a more challenging training routine and work ethic. Only, shortly after the young goalkeeper broke an elbow. “Marcos reacted very well and in a matter of months he recovered completely,” explains Javier Sánchez, Manager for Marcet’s Academy in Madrid: “At first, it seemed like a serious injury, but in the end it served its purpose as an incentive to return with much more strength and motivation.”

“At Marcet I realized that there were a lot of things that I needed to improve on”

So much so that, before long, the goalkeeper was signed by Real Madrid for the 2016-17 season, in which he played for the U-15s‘ B team. This season he’s back for more but this time on Real Madrid’s A team, which have posted praise on their website describing Marcos as “agile” and “fast” under pressure: “He stands out for his spatial awareness and knowing full well how to make the most of his feet. As well as having a great kick, he’s focused on the game and brings a sense of security to the table.”

A description to which Marcos adds the following: “I am a practical goalkeeper and have a lot of intuition when it comes to stopping penalties or in one-to-one situations.” Skills that he picked up from back when he played for the U-12s and U-16s Community of Madrid squad. “At the moment, my dream is to make the Spanish national team and be able to dedicate myself entirely to football. This is definitely something I want to making a living off.”

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