Leading role on the pitch


Aitor Martos joins one of the best youth academies in Spain after three seasons at Marcet.

“It was my father who brought me the news that the Alcorcón wanted to sign me. It came as no surprise. In fact, I had been doing trials for a while with this team and we were waiting to hear an answer. So, little by little, I got used to the idea, but that doesn’t take away from the joy of becoming part of a youth team of a Second Division club”.

Aitor Martos began to his trials with Alcorcón shortly after finishing his training cycle at Marcet. The winger from Alovera (Guadalajara) discovered this academy in 2016. He was 13 years old and was looking for a football school for the summer. He signed up for the Marcet Barcelona World Cup and liked what he saw and so, together with his family, decided to join the Professional Program, in which he would stay for three years.

“We thought that it was going to be a good opportunity for my football future”, explains the player, who, before arriving at Marcet had worn the shirts of Alovera, Atlético de Madrid, Carabanchel and Azuqueca. Very different realities from what he would find in Barcelona: “I think that the best experience that I had in Marcet was being in close contact with people from different cultures and learning to live with them”.

“At Marcet I learned about tactics AND improved my positioning, my controls, my orientation…”

Being a winger who stands out for his shooting, dribbling, vision and a great capacity to react on the pitch, Aitor never goes unnoticed in a game. Whether he plays as a winger or as a midfielder, the role of the protagonist seems to be tailor-made for him. Adapting to different contexts is no longer a problem for him: “At Marcet I learned about tactics above all. I arrived without any idea and left with knowledge about the subject. I also improved my attitude on the pitch, my positioning, my controls, my orientation… And I learned to release the ball early, without holding on to it so much.

“The most important moment was being able to participate in the MIC. In that tournament we played against Crystal Palace, and we beat them”, remembers Aitor. The match against the English team was the cherry on top of a series of matches against important rivals such as Villarreal, Valencia, Osasuna, Sporting de Gijón and Numancia. Facing opponents of this kind is an integral part of the training process followed by the Marcet students, who in this way can receive the necessary stimuli to be able to progress in the world of football.

Some stimuli that Aitor earned was his transfer to the Alcorcón. From the beginning the Spanish winger had a leading role with the yellow team. “I’m getting to play a lot of minutes, more than I expected, since I started the season late because of an injury. I was in the starting line-up in the first game I was able to play in. Everything has gone even better than I thought. Now my goal is to make it to Alcorcón’s first team, and, to achieve this I have to work, work and work. There is no other way”.

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