Continuous learning journey


Moisés Falces Prieto strives for excellence in Physical Preparation through education, research, and hard work

Moisés’s passion for soccer began like any child’s: playing with friends and dreaming of becoming a professional footballer. However, as he grew, Moisés realized his path in the sport would take a different direction.

In 2015, the Marcet Academy was seeking a physical coach and decided to give it a shot. He was selected for a new project in its early stages, the Professional High-Performance Football Program. “Marcet changed my life. It was my first time living away from my family, as I am from Seville. Living in Barcelona, meeting new teammates and friends, delving into new methodologies, and having the opportunity to develop professionally and personally, has undoubtedly been a significant challenge,” asserts Moisés, who worked for seven years at the Foundation.

As a Performance Optimization specialist, Marcet became his home. He developed new work methods, conducted research with players, and recalled trips, tournaments, and exposure to new cultures and languages. When asked about an anecdote, he smiles at the memory of one of his last training sessions, when Staff and Players organized a surprise farewell for him. “I was left speechless by the warmth I received,” he sincerely expresses.

“Marcet changed my life. Living away from home, meeting new teammates and friends, diving into new methodologies, and having the opportunity to develop professionally and personally, has undoubtedly been a significant challenge,”

says Falces Prieto about his time at the Academy, where he was a part from 2015 to 2022.

In May 2022, Moisés took a significant leap in his career by joining KMSK Deinze in the Belgian second division. “I am responsible for coordinating various areas of work, such as Injury Rehabilitation, Physiotherapists, Development of Conditioning Sessions on the Field, as well as Load Monitoring and Quantification,” explains the Head of the Physical Preparation Area. He adds, “We are coming off saving our category, and we aim to ascend this year.”

Head of Physical Preparation: His role at KMSK Deinze, aiming for promotion to the Belgian top division.

Moisés not only invests a lot of time on the field but also in the classrooms. He holds a Bachelor’s degree, two Master’s degrees, and a Doctorate in Physical Activity and Sports Sciences. Additionally, he is a university lecturer. “In soccer and sports sciences, advancements are constant in training methods, control and evaluation tools, and new related software programs. To teach, it is essential to maintain the curiosity to keep learning continuously,” he comments.

Moisés Falces Prieto is an example of personal and professional growth. “I feel comfortable in Belgium and wish to continue learning about its rich historical and sporting culture, improving my English and French proficiency, and giving my best to optimize players’ performance,” the former Marcet member affirms.

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