You come for football, you leave with so much more


Two Marcet trainee parents explain why they take their children to our intensive courses.

Pablo Álvarez Pincay and Alberto Trigo Maestre have been bringing their respective sons to Marcet’s intensive courses for years, but haven’t ever had the chance to meet. So we sat them down in front of our camera and let them exchange their experiences here and why they keep coming to Barcelona despite the distance that separates them from the Catalan capital.

“You come here looking for football, but once you’re here you find there’s so much more”, says Pablo. “My kids have gone through a development that goes much further than sporting performance. They’ve learned to coexist and mature in so many aspects. It’s a very enriching experience. If only my parents had taken me to a place like this”.

“I’m amazed at the evolution my son has gone through”, Alberto adds. “I’ve seen it most when he goes back to play with his hometown club and just stands out. But that isn’t my priority. My main concern is that he has a good time and meets people… And he pays me back in the best way possible, with a big smile on his face. What more could you want as a parent than to see your son happy?


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