Graduated in critical thinking


The students of the Professional Program celebrate their graduation before the Marcet Academy’s faculty.

Summer brings with it the end of the season and the graduation ceremony for the students of the Professional Program (MPEP). The event was held at the headquarters of the Marcet Academy, where dozens of young footballers received their diplomas after a year of intensive training in Barcelona.

The coaching staff, the teaching staff and José Ignacio Marcet participated in the ceremony. In his speech, the president wanted to emphasize the importance of developing “critical thinking” in order to know how to correctly interpret the large number of information on the internet.

“Because of your age you are victims of hyperactivity within the screens, which ends up being an interference for your ability to reflect,” Marcet explained to the students of the Professional Program. “In addition to developing the sports and academic field, we know that you also develop the habit of thinking and reflecting. Given the millions of messages that you have on social networks, it is important for you to learn how to distinguish what is true from what it’s a lie. It’s essential that you don’t believe everything you see and that you know how to clearly distinguish toxic friendships from those that are good for you. ”

“It’s essential for you to know how to distinguish toxic friendships from those that are good for you”

After the president’s speech, all the students of the Marcet High Performance Academy Professional Program collected their diplomas and pose for some photos. The official ceremony put the icing on the cake to a season that has been very peculiar due to the restrictions imposed by the authorities, which have made it difficult to start the leagues. With spring and the lifting of precautionary measures, it has been possible to make up for lost time and the end of the year has been marked by the participation of the playersin the Costa Girona Cup and Yellow Cup Summer tournaments.


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