Much more than just football


Three parents explain why our intensive courses go above and beyond sporting development.

“Football”, “languages”, “values”, “friendships”, “fun” … These are the words most used by the parents of Marcet‘s students when telling us why they bring their children to our intensive High Technification courses. The video above reflects the experiences of three of them..

Here are some of their impressions:

  • It is in the game and training intensity where you see the real difference between here and your club. We’re talking about at least six hours a day and you can definitely see the difference when you go back to your team.”
  • Here a less physical football is taught, where technique and tactics are a priority. It is a type of training that complements what Diego does at Paris Saint-Germain quite well.”
  • “We like that there are trainers dedicated exclusively to goalkeepers, it’s not something we’re used to.”
Ceremonia de entrega de medallas de los cursos de Alta Tecnificación Marcet.
Closing ceremony of Marcet’s High Technification courses in Barcelona.
  • Also, I really value how diverse this environment is. There are children from all over who ultimately understand each other through the international language of football.”
  • “This environment helps Diego to open up to different cultures. He’s only spent about three weeks here in the past year and a half but he’s already learning Spanish and starting to speak it.”
  • I mainly stay here to see my son train. I like the environment.My wife, on the other hand, makes the most of the fact that we’re in Barcelona to see it with her friends.”
  • “As parents, as well as seeing them make progress in football, we’re also interested in seeing them grow as a person. At Marcet, they teach life values, so it works for us.”

Without a doubt, football is the first reason to go to Marcet. But around football, you can build a training environment that goes beyond sports to include fundamental aspects concerning personal growth, such as managing interpersonal relationships, adapting to multicultural contexts and working on emotional intelligence… All the while, the students are having a good time.


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