Vision and Explosion


The promising rise of Nicolás Cruz: A talented number 10 from the Dominican Republic on the path to professional success in Spanish football.

Nicolás Cruz is a modern talent: explosive, capable of breaking lines with his passes, and above all, endowed with great vision. Of Dominican origins, he takes the Croatian legend, Luka Modric, as his reference. He dreams of representing his country internationally and succeeding at the highest level of football. Get to know his story.

Cruz shows his skill in a match against Dynamo Kyiv.

“I used to play at the Barça Academy in the Dominican Republic, and in 2019, I traveled to Barcelona to participate in the Marcet Summer Camp. I was selected and ended up spending three years at the Foundation,” recalls the offensive midfielder. One of his most memorable moments was a friendly tournament against Barcelona FC, in which Marcet emerged victorious thanks to a goal from himself.

Despite his youth and the long road ahead as a footballer, Cruz considers his three years at Marcet crucial for his growth. “It helped me develop skills in the game, be disciplined, and maintain consistency in training,” reflects the number 10.

Nicolás playmaking at his current club, C.F. Damm

After his time at Marcet, Nicolás signed with the Damm Football Club, the third most important team in the Catalan grassroots football, to complement his human and sporting education. “The maturity I gained, my performance in matches, and the support of Carlos Rivero, Sports Director at Marcet, allowed me to join Damm,” asserts the Dominican.

The year 2021 became a significant milestone for Cruz, as he received his first call-up to represent his country in the Under-15 category. “I participated in a training cycle, and the next day, I was called for an international tournament. It is a pride for me to wear the Dominican shirt and represent my country. It fills me with happiness, and I hope to continue doing it in the different categories,” confesses the offensive midfielder.

While enjoying the present and trusting in his training process in Spain’s grassroots football, Nicolás Cruz controls the ball, looks to the future, and shares sincerely: “My dream has always been to become a professional footballer and reach the top in this sport.”

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