No progress without adaptation


Shoma knew that in order to progress he had to get out of his comfort zone. That’s why he left Tokyo and traveled to Barcelona.

It was Edmilson who told Shoma about Marcet. The Brazilian world champion advised him to move to Barcelona and join the High Performance Academy to achieve his football goals. The young Japanese striker decided to take the trip and start the new season as a student of the Marcet Professional Program in September. His goals were to learn to take the right decisions in the field and become a professional player.”

I also want to improve in dribbling and develop a footballer physique,” explains Shoma Kai, aged 15. His adaptation to a new country, a new culture and a new way of training has not been easy. “But it hasn’t been as difficult as I expected. From the beginning my classmates welcomed me very well. I still don’t understand everything they say, but it’s normal: I’m abroad and learning a language is going to be very good for me.”

“The best of all are custom analyses. I believe that in Japan there is nothing like that”

Shoma knows that leaving his comfort zone is essential to progress. He travelled to Barcelona for that. And he is aware that this principle applies not only to the language, but to all areas: “Food is not the same as in Japan, but I’m not here to eat my favorite meals. I want to eat healthy and improve my physical condition.”

Progress means adaptation to new contexts, learning to see things differently, going for more. Also in football. “Compared to what happens in Japan, the Spanish coaches give you different advices, especially when it comes to taking care of defensive tactics,” says the winger from Tokyo.

Shoma Kai durante un entrenamiento en la Academia de Alto Rendimiento Marcet.
Shoma Kai during a training in the Marcet High Performance Academy.

“Having to work the defensive phase causes surprise among many strikers of our Academy, which is normal, because in other countries this aspect of the game is not usually developed,” explains Felipe Ragel Mármol. Shoma’s coach assures that the Japanese player is very attentive and has a good technique. “He is left footed, but plays in the right wing. He is a promising player .”

In Barcelona Shoma works day after day, with two daily training sessions and a team of experts who follow his progression. “The best of all are custom analyses, which allow me to know my strengths and my weaknesses. In Marcet there is a team of professionals who do this for all the players. I believe that in Japan there is nothing like that”.

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