Triumphant rise


Nour Zarkane, a central defender with great aerial power, recounts his journey from Marcet to Morocco’s First Division, along with insights from his former coach, Felipe Ragel.

Nour Zarkane, born in 2003, is a young promise in Moroccan football, already making his debut in the country’s top division and aspiring to do so internationally. “What I highlight the most about my game is my heading ability,” says the central defender.

Throughout his journey, he has been part of teams like Marcet, Raja Casablanca (U-19 and U-23), and Difaâ El Jadida, representing Morocco in the U-23 international team.

Determined, he recalls how he got to know the Academy: “I found Marcet on the internet and decided to take a course there. I liked it so much that I stayed for 2 years until my return to Morocco to join Raja Casablanca.”

At Marcet, Nour experienced significant moments facing top-level teams and participating in renowned tournaments. “In those two years, I improved in many aspects, especially tactically and technically. One person who helped me in my development was my coach, Felipe Ragel,” acknowledges Nour.

Currently, the Head of Methodology at the Marcet Academy, Felipe Ragel highlights Nour’s personal and football evolution: “Nour was a boy who came with physical abilities above average, but with gaps in understanding the game,” he begins. And he adds, “He improved a lot in knowing himself, working on his limitations, and enhancing his strengths.” 

According to Felipe, Nour was always a committed student of his development and excelled in individual duels and defensive plays.

“Improved significantly in getting to know himself, working on his limitations, and enhancing his strengths.”

Felipe Ragel, Head of Methodology at the Marcet Academy.

After his stay in Spain, the footballer returned to Morocco and joined Raja Casablanca, the country’s most popular team. After playing for the U-19 and U-23 divisions, he was transferred to Difaâ El Jadida, also in the top division. Nour had the privilege of making his professional debut in his new club. “It was an incredible feeling as it was the first time I played in front of so many people in a stadium and on television,” recalls the player.

After a season at Difaâ El Jadida and almost another free season, football would bring a new challenge to Zarkane. The Moroccan signed with Al-Wasl from the first division of the United Arab Emirates, a club that had Diego Armando Maradona as coach in the 2011-12 season.

Nour values the encouraging words from his family and is determined to keep progressing in his football career. His goal is to represent Morocco in the senior national team and to play for a top European club in the future. His continuous rise in trajectory and growth as an all-around defender make him believe that anything is possible.

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