Since its beginnings during 1978 in Barcelona (Spain), Marcet has been devoted to the investigation and development of an innovative pedagogical method for teaching intelligent football all over the world:


Thanks to this excellent learning formula, our academy has become global and is present in 30 countries. Agreements with governments, sport associations and public and private institutions made possible for more than 1.000.000 young footballers and 3.000 coaches and teachers to be educated through the MARCET PLAN in all five continents.


These are the values that Marcet successfully instils in the players

  • FREE, because they master all technical and tactical skills, both collective and individual.
  • INTELLIGENT, because they know how to make fast the best decision for each moment of the game.
  • With HUMAN VALUES, because they are indispensable for achieving success in sport and any other profession after football.
  • With ACADEMIC SOUNDNESS, because a perfect compatibility between football and studies is a must.
  • With FUTURE EMPLOYABILITY, because the talents that the best clubs in Europe demand are the same ones required for the world outside football.

To achieve these goals, Marcet has been organising courses, education modules, camps and other educational formulas for 30 years. Success is proven by numbers: every year, more than 20 Marcet students join the most important professional clubs in Europe and many more reach important positions as professionals, company leaders or institutions, benefiting society with the values learned with us.

The goal of J. Marcet

former player of REAL MADRID, F.C. BARCELONA, R.C.D ESPANYOL, international with the SPANISH NATIONAL TEAM and with degree in Law and Economy

has always been to show youth worldwide that it is perfectly possible to combine elite football with academic excellence.

The secret for extraordinary success and efficiency of MARCET PLAN is the constant education of teachers and coaches to become experts on applying this exceptional educational tool.

At Marcet we take advantage of the magnetism that the efficiency of our method produces in kids and youth to turn it into a powerful tool for instilling human values and good habits that motivate our students in effort and persistence. The objective is to combine the academic education with elite football.

Fundación Marcet

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