Versatile and ambidextrous


Pablo Arenzana took advantage of Marcet’s intensive training to improve his shot with his other leg. He’s now made it to Real Sociedad.

He had been training weekly at the Real Sociedad school since he was eight, but had to wait until he was 12 to be signed by the team from San Sebastian. It was 2018 and Pablo Arenzana had already been attending the Marcet intensive courses for a year. The forward from La Rioja is a versatile player, who has complete control of both legs and stands out for his height, strength and speed.

Question.- What team were you with before you signed for Real?

Answer.- In Valvanera, a modest club in Logroño. That’s where I started playing football.

Q.- What courses or tournaments did you attend at Marcet?

A.- In the summer of 2017 I attended the Master’s course and the Academies’ World Cup of Football. Later I participated in several tournaments representing Marcet, like the Avila Cup and the Media Gol Cup, in Cornellá. In the summer of 2018 I repeated the same experiences.

Pablo Arenzana en un partido de Marcet contra el Atlético de Madrid.
Pablo Arenzana plays for Marcet in a match against Atletico de Madrid.

Q.- What did you learn in Marcet?

A.- I especially highlight the technical improvement in the execution with both legs. Also, I learned to work in a team with people I didn’t know at all. The friendships and relationships I made are also very important and I still maintain them today.

Q.- Do you remember the day you were signed by Real?

A.- I will always remember it. It was on the way back from class. My parents told me that the technical secretary of the Valvanera was coming home and he himself informed us that Real was interested in signing me up. I felt a lot of joy and great pride.

Pablo Arenzana en un partido de la Real Sociedad.
Pablo Arenzana in a match with Real Sociedad.

Q.- With your new team you managed to score against Barça. Also, because of your age you are still considered Sub-14, but you already play with the Sub-16 squad. It seems that you are taking great advantage of the confidence they have in you…

A.- The experience is proving to be very positive. I also want to continue learning and I am very happy to live part of my formative stage in an elite club like the Real Sociedad.


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