How to manage your sport career


The Olympic champion Pedro Aguado advises the students of the Marcet Professional Program.

The Olympic champion Pedro García Aguado has visited the Marcet High Performance Academy to make his experience available to the students, guiding them in their sports careers. And the main message that he has wanted to convey to the young footballers of the Professional Program is precisely this one: to succeed, in sport as in life, it is necessary to have experienced people by your side.

The coach has to guide the footballers about their goals, so that they don’t screw up and come to understand what is really good for them,” Aguado explained to the Marcet students. After winning the water polo gold medal at the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games, he decided to start advising troubled youth, until he became a famous lecturer and definitively rose to fame as the presenter of the TV program ‘Hermano mayor’.

Pedro Aguado rodeado de alumnos Marcet después de la conferencia.
Pedro Aguado surrounded by Marcet’s students in Barcelona.

No one knows better than Aguado the importance of physical activity as a training tool. “The well-managed sport helps to acquire a series of fundamental values, such as effort and managing frustration. But poorly managed sport, understood only as competition, can end up generating a lot of frustration”.

Hence the importance of the figure of the mentor, precisely in charge of guiding this process. Improvisation, says Aguado, leads nowhere. And to prove it, the former water polo player talks about his own experience: “As a young man, I arrived at a residence in Barcelona where there was no order or schedules. However, here in Marcet I saw that the students are advised. And the function of an academy of this type is precisely that: not only to train the student in sports, but also as a person. The basic pillars of Marcet are its values, and all the professionals who are here are teaching them”.

According to Aguado, one of the facets that must be taken care of the most is the emotional management of pressure and, above all, of failures. “Thanks to sport it is possible to work on these aspects on a daily basis in order to create mechanisms that allow to deal with these situations automatically. Because if everyone has the right to make mistakes, everyone has also the obligation to learn”.


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