A perfect free kick


The Argentine Facundo Cascio scored a fantastic goal from a direct free-kick with Mons Calpe SC

From Argentina to Spain, then Spain to the USA and finally from the USA to Gibraltar. In less than two years, Facundo Cascio has lived in four different countries. A pilgrimage that has ended up with him wearing the shirt of a Top Division club, where he thrills fans with truly amazing goals like the one in the video above.

The Argentine winger finds himself battling for Mons Calpe SC’s youth squads, a club in Gibraltar’s top flight. His story of success started in January 2015 when he landed in Barcelona. “Coming to Fundación Marcet was a huge life change for me”, he recalls. “They helped me a lot to progress on a personal level as well as on a footballing level. I learnt how to read the game and differentiate each different period in a match to choose the best option for each given moment”.

“I also improved my shooting greatly thanks to specific training sessions”, Facundo tells us, in reference to the free-kick sessions held by the Department of Advanced Technology. In these sessions, the player trains alongside an expert in the field who advises them at all times, evaluating and correcting the kicks made in situ.

During the training sessions smart balls are used, they’re capable of measuring the ball’s speed, number of spins and the exact point of impact on the ball. An indispensable tool used whilst perfecting each kick in training. Additionally, the whole session is filmed so that the player is able to consult an instant replay of the kick. It’s a comprehensive analysis in which every single minute detail of the kick is tracked and trainees are able to check their strengths and weaknesses. The objective of the training is so that users can perfect their technique to ensure that every free-kick is perfect. Just like Facundo with Mons Calpe.

Before he started his journey with Gibraltarian side, the Argentine winger got to know the insides and outs of American Soccer, where he battled in the colours of Storm FC The club homed in Florida signed him alongside another two players from Marcet to strengthen their side that took part in a league that was held last summer and consisted of 80 clubs divided into various conferences.

Facundo is now thinking about the future, his objective now is to win the Gibraltarian Premier Division with Mons Calpe and qualify for the Qualifying rounds of the Champions League. So far his beautiful free-kick has given his side 3 points against Gibraltar United and keeping his European dream alive.


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