A more personalized help


Personal trainers use training breaks to immediately and effectively correct students.

Helping players achieve their sporting objectives and making them feel as comfortable as possible during training sessions: this is the aim of personal trainers. Marcet has this service at the disposal of all students who wish to make giant bounds towards footballing excellence.

“Our objective is for players to improve their individual performance”, explains Jesús Sánchez Requena, who works as a personal trainer during the intensive summer courses in Barcelona. “At the beginning of each session, we always meet with the players’ technician to decide which aspects we should emphasize in order to foment their footballing development. Then we hold a 30 minutes private session with the player”.

“with a tablet it is very easy to show PLAYERS what they need to do in order to achieve set objectives”

Marcet personal trainers also use a tablet, with which they film all the activities the student is assigned. “This is a method that allows us to immediately show them what they are doing on the field. With these images, especially when in slow motion, it is very easy to show them the mistakes they are making or what they need to do in order to achieve set objectives”.

But when can the student see these images and interact with the personal trainer? “This can be done during the very same training session or even during matches”, replies Sánchez. “We never remove the player from the group dynamic. Rather we make the most of breaks to show them the videos and make corrections as we go along”.

“We want to motivate the students, Know how they are feeling to make their time HERE more comfortable”

In this way we eliminate any downtimes. Every second of inactivity can be used to maintain a conversation with the player, who can also offer their input and express any football-related or non-football-related doubts they may have. We want to motivate the players. Know how they are feeling on and off the pitch. Find out all we can do to make their time at Marcet more comfortable”.

“It’s not the same being alone in a group to having a person supporting you and marking the different guidelines for you to follow”, adds Sánchez, who also uses the recorded images on his tablet to prepare a detailed final report in video format. “In this manner the student can continuously check their evaluation and keep on learning from home”.

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