Optimism and confidence


Pol Mur plays for one of the best university teams in the United States thanks to a sports scholarship.

Pol Mur Llorens always wanted to dedicate himself to football and to become a soocer professional. But he also wanted to study Sports Science and he soon realized that combining the two was not so easy. “I looked for several options in Spain, but everywhere it was too complicated. They told me that it had to be one thing or the other. That’s why I started to think about the US, because there they gave me the opportunity to study and play football at the same time. ”

Before going to the other side of the Atlantic, Pol developed his entire sports career at Marcet. “At the age of six my parents signed me up for the intensive courses at this academy, as it was famous for the quality of its training.” From there, the now right winger started to play for several Marcet teams and ended up being part of the Professional Program. “There I saw how some of my colleagues, like Gerard Espinalt, took the path of the United States. Talking to them was really helpful yo face the whole process.”

“some of my mates at marceT had taken the path to the us. talking to them was really helpful”

Pol is now at Oklahoma Wesleyan University (OKWU) thanks to an athletic scholarship. That is to say, an economic aid that he got because of his football level. “I had to make a video that collected my best plays and send it to the coaches of several American universities. Little by little they began to contact me for different projects. In the end I opted for Wesleyan because their soccer team has many ballots to win the title.”

But what did Pol learn in Barcelona to win a sports scholarship? “Marcet has always focused on teaching how to dominate the games, playing the ball and treat it with affection. Apart from technique and tactics, in this academy I learned discipline, camaraderie and respect. And I couldface rivals like Barça, Atlético de Madrid, Sevilla, Espanyol, Levante, Oviedo and Valladolid, in addition to other academies from all over the world “.

Upon his arrival in the US, what impressed Pol the most was the quality of the facilities. “Here everything is better than in Europe. The fields are perfect, even the natural grass. They are well watered, well cut … And the gyms are impressive and very well equipped. Everything has much more quality, especially from the conditional training “.

Pol Mur con la camiseta de los Eagles de la OKWU.
Pol Mur wearing the OKWU Eagles jersey.

“Apart from sports, the first impression I had when I arrived is that everything is much bigger here,” recalls the winger, also surprised by the cultural diversity of the host country. “Academically, the classes are impressive, the teachers are very close. Even more so if you practice a sport. They adapt your schedules, they help you a lot. The people are very friendly. I have met many people and very quickly.”

Investing in soccer training from a very young age has been the key for Pol to win a scholarship and have concrete possibilities for personal and professional development in the US. And not just as a football player. “If for some reason football doesn’t go well, I’d like to be a physical trainer here in the US. That’s why I’m studying Sports Science. And I’m also contemplating the option of becoming a coach one day.” The optimism and confidence that his words convey will surely help you on this path.

At the moment, his goal of supporting sports through physical preparation will have to wait, as Pol shines on the field. At the end of 2023, the NAIA (National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics) announced the 2023 team of the year and selected Pol for the first team after an outstanding year in Oklahoma.

The NAIA All-America committee consists of the NAIA-Men’s Soccer Coaches Association Executive Committee, the National Championship Games Committee, and four men’s soccer coaches. Each of the three All-America teams is comprised of a goalkeeper, three defenders, three midfielders, three forwards, and one at-large position.

Congratulations, champion! May the successes continue.

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