Pro football: a world of possibilities


It is easy to discard football as a viable professional career, but – once you widen your world – you realise it is worth considering

Marcet footballers widen their world. It is very important to understand that football – as a global phenomenon – is a global market. In Marcet, young players learn how to turn a panorama of scarcity, limited to the boundaries of their own countries, into a world of possibilities.

In this interactive map, you can find some examples of the destinations that Marcet former students reached:

This map is full of examples of unlikely destinations that turned out to be life-changing. For instance, Juan Chang. This guatemalan player left his country and came to Marcet seeking a step forward in his career. One year later, he was in New Zealand where he now has built a new life. ” Marcet helped me a lot, because they opened my mindset and made me understand what does someone need to keep moving forward on international football”, explains the right-forward.

Another american, Pedro Arce, is now living the dream of every mexican kid. To step into the Azteca Stadium wearing Club Americas’ jersey. But his path, as usual, was not a straight one. He left Mexico to join Marcet in Barcelona. From the spanish academy, Arce started a career in Greece that took him to the PAE Veria, in the greek superleague. It was his brilliant performance there that allowed him to sign for Club América.

But perhaps the most surprising story of all is the one of the north koreans Han Kwang-Song and Choe Song-Hyok. Marcet was asked by the north korean government to select and teach football to the future National Team of the asian country. Both players were selected by Marcet coaches in a trip to Pyongyang, capital city of North Korea, and moved, with other 20 kids, to Barcelona. After only one year, they won the Asian Football Confederations Cup U16 in a final match against South Korea. After this success, Choe became a player for AC Fiorentina and Han signed for Cagliari, becoming the first north korean to score in the italian Serie A.

From Guatemala to New Zealand.

From Mexico to Greece and back to Mexico.

From North Korea to asian champions and, then, Italy.

All of them through Marcet, in Spain. All of them footballers who were not scared to widen their world.

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