How is a Marcet trainer?


‘When you see the kids leaving happy, then you know that the work you’ve done was worth it’.

Rubén Martí has been at Marcet for over 20 years. He started when he was finishing his degree in Physical Education and he’s been through almost all of the phases that the football academy has been through. “Everything changes and evolves”, the head of the intensive courses for under 14s tells us. “Each year new projects are created, but we’re still pioneers on the subject of summer football schools. In fact you could say that, what Marcet is today originated from these intensive courses”.

In the video above, the camera follows Rubén during a World Cup day, showing the work he does during one of the busiest periods of the year. He shows the importance of values when not only training footballers but also as people. He also explains that how year after year him and his colleagues constantly learn how to coexist with people from different countries and cultures.

“When you’re working with so many people there are so many aspects you need to take care of. For example: attending to their families, to certain problems the players may have, the coaches, for teams that come to take part in the World Cup… I get personal satisfaction when I can see that all obstacles have been solved and that the kids leave happy. That’s when you know that the work you’ve done has been worth it”.


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