Professional Program (MPEP)


A High Performance Academy with the objective of developing intelligent, open-minded, well educated, employable players with values.

What it is:

The end goal of the Marcet Professional Eurofootball Program (MPEP) isn’t signing players, but qualifying potencial professional athletes for future signing to other clubs. Those who complete this stage of training will be on their way to kickstarting a successful sporting career. Each year, dozens of Marcet’s scholars are signed to teams all over the world and find themselves on the elite european footballing market, as Marcet’s Hall of fame shows.

Although the career of a football player is short lived, an ex-football player’s isn’t. For that very reason, it’s crucial a successful athlete be cultured and academically prepared so that he can build himself a career beyond his sporting one. In this sense, an academic education is a fundamental part of the MPEP Programme. At Marcet, focus on developing both sporting and academic skills go hand in hand.

When it takes place:

The Professional Program normally lasts the entire school year, from September to June. However, it is also possible to follow it for a shorter period of time, the minimum and base unit being one month. If the player wants to follow the course for a few weeks, his option should be the Checking Program.

Where it takes place:

The program takes place in Barcelona city, at the Marcet headquarters. Sometimes players travel to other locations to compete and participate in tournaments.

What it includes:

Accomodation and course options:


Sports programming

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