Professional Program (MPEP)

A High Performance Academy with the objective of developing intelligent, open-minded, well educated, employable players with values.

What it is:

The end goal of the Marcet Professional Eurofootball Program (MPEP) isn’t signing players, but qualifying potencial professional athletes for future signing to other clubs. Those who complete this stage of training will be on their way to kickstarting a successful sporting career. Each year, dozens of Marcet’s scholars are signed to teams all over the world and find themselves on the elite european footballing market, as Marcet’s Hall of fame shows.

Although the career of a football player is short lived, an ex-football player’s isn’t. For that very reason, it’s crucial a successful athlete be cultured and academically prepared so that he can build himself a career beyond his sporting one. In this sense, an academic education is a fundamental part of the MPEP Programme. At Marcet, focus on developing both sporting and academic skills go hand in hand.

When it takes place:

The Professional Program normally lasts the entire school year, from September to June. However, it is also possible to follow it for a shorter period of time, the minimum and base unit being one month. If the player wants to follow the course for a few weeks, his option should be the Checking Program.

Where it takes place:

The program takes place in Barcelona city, at the Marcet headquarters. Sometimes players travel to other locations to compete and participate in tournaments.

What it includes:

Accomodation and course options:

  • Sports scholar: Includes a partial sporting programme. Doesn’t include residency, maintenance or management of academic studies.

  • Full sports scholar: Includes complete sporting programme. Doesn’t include residency, maintenance or management of academic studies

  • Daytime scholar: Doesn’t include residency. Includes complete sporting programme, half the pension and management of academic studies.

  • Full-time scholar: Includes complete sporting programme, all-inclusive residency and management of academic studies.


Sports programming

  • Four high-performance sports facilities located in Barcelona city, all with high-quality astroturf (artificial grass):

      • 11-a-side football pitches

      • 7-a-side football pitches

      • Indoor football pitches

  • Gym

  • Swimming pool

  • Fitness room

  • Technical-tactical training:

      • Specific sessions according to the postion of the player

      • Special technical acceleration sessions

  • Conditioning training:

  • MATRIX, a detailed and personalized evaluation system by objectives through rubrics:

      • Initial, weekly and quarterly evaluation:

          • Self evaluation

          • Match evaluation

          • Training evaluation

          • Assessment of individual goals

          • Individual tutorials with coach and analyst

          • Group tutorials with coach and analyst

  • Control of training loads and content scheduling

  • Specialist in strenght training

  • Task control specialist

  • Injury recovery

  • Evaluations:

  • GPS technology

  • Individualized work plans for the development and improvement of conditional qualities:

      • Strength training

      • Resistance training:

      • Injury prevention trainings:

        • General prevention plans

        • Plans adapted to the player’s needs

  • Reports and tutored monitoring:

      • Comparative individual report

      • Individual meetings

      • Collective meetings

      • Training meetings to clarify training concepts

  • Professional sports physiotherapists of RCD Espanyol

  • Initial evaluation based on individual injuries:

      • Arthro-muscular evaluation on a stretcher

      • Evaluation of the injury in a specific gesture

      • Coordination with sports therapists

  • Management of medical services

      • Management of appointments with specialists

      • Management of appointments with podiatrists

      • Management of medical check-ups

      • Injury medical report evaluations

  • Game and training recording

  • New Technologies sessions:

      • Smart ball

      • Strobe glasses

      • LED’s goals

      • Neurostimulation through LEDs

      • Ball machine

      • 360º cameras (goalkeepers)

  • Videoanalisis:

      • Individual:

        • Setting personalized goals after an initial assessment

        • Follow-up analysis of objectives through games, training and New Technologies sessions

        • Real-time analysis during training sessions

      • Group:

        • Common goals:

          • Analysis of the whole team

          • Analysis by position

  • Federal management (when needed)


Academic programming

  • The student and his family will choose the option / options that suit their specific case:

      • Studies in a Spanish school with an agreement with the Marcet Academy, in the regulated system of Primary, ESO, Baccalaureate or Professional Training

      • MISC Academy: Studies in an international school (additional cost):

        • Official studies of the American, British, French, Russian or Mexican system (Laurel Springs School, Interhigh, CNEEL o Cours Legendre) in official agreement with Marcet International Study Center (MISC)

        • Academic supervision of the student in agreement with their own distance school.

        • Academic supervision of the student during class and study hours.

      • Official Title of Soccer TechnicianLevel I and Level II (from 16 years old andonly if the requirements are met) (additional cost):

        • Preparation for physical tests:

          • Guidance and recommendations for physical tests necessary to be admitted to the Level I

          • Physical and sports sessions

      • Linguistic immersion (Spanish language, for students who do not speak it):

        • Language Immersion Plan in Spanish

        • Preparation for official Spanish DELE exams from Instituto Cervantes

      • Football Masters program (from 16 years old andonly if the requirements are met)

      • Study hall:

        • Academic reinforcement

        • Explanation of topics that have not been understood in the class

        • Supervision of homework and daily academic tasks

        • Support in school work and projects

        • Support in the preparation of tests and exams

  • School trips and extra activities

  • Textbooks or digital books (only in the case of attending the Spanish school)

  • School uniform if needed

  • Negotiations with educational centers:

        • Management of allocation of places in the study center

        • Student enrollment in the school

        • Collection and preparation of the necessary documentation

        • Conciliation of the student’s sports and school calendars

        • Request for official documentation from the school that is necessary for the student

        • Follow-up of processing of study titles

        • Request for official certificates

  • Academic procedures with the Government (additional cost):

        • Homologation of studies:

          • Guidance on the documentation to be prepared by the student

          • Monitoring of the preparation of documentation by the student

          • Presentation of documentation to the Government

          • Management and payment of the corresponding fees

          • Application for homologation of studies

          • Follow-up of the process

          • Help the student on how to collect the homologation

  • Academic orientation:

      • Academic orientation at present:

        • Type and system of studies most suitable for the student

        • Determination of the need for homologation of studies

        • Guidance for taking official exams (if required)

      • Academic vocational guidance:

        • Professional outings

        • Future academic options

  • Student support – Reference person:

      • Establishment and monitoring of personal academic goals

Professional Program


Please, select your option and the number of months you wish to enjoy this course in order to know its cost.

Do not forget to hire extra services. Remember that some are mandatory depending on the chosen modality!

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Mandatory for full-time and daytime students under 16 years of age.

Choose the type of school desired to proceed.


Homologación de estudios

¿Necesitas hacer el trámite de homologación de estudios? Marca la casilla y nosotros nos encargamos

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Daily Representation Fee


Mandatory for full-time and daytime students.

The Daily Representation Fee is intended to cover all bureaucratic procedures with other institutions. The cost varies depending on the nationality of the student.

Please, select the nationality to proceed with the hiring.

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Standard residency is included for all students of the Professional Program in its internship modality. However, players over 16 years of age can opt for the Superior Residence.

Please, select the type of room you want and the months it will be used to know its price and proceed with the reservation.

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The deposit for tournaments and expeditions is mandatory for all students.

The deposit of individualized expenses is mandatory for full-time scholars.

The unused amount of the deposit will be returned at the end of the course.

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If you are going to come or you are going to leave Marcet by your own means and you only want to notify us of the arrival or departure time, click here. If you want to use the transfer service, proceed with this form.

Transfer service for departures and arrivals.

The cost is per person.

It must be booked at least 72 hours before arrival.

The service is exclusive for students.

If, once you have contracted the service, you need to indicate any changes, write to

If you have any transfer included in the contracted program, enter the discount code and your contact email in the purchase process.


Type of trip *

Travel means *

Flight / Vehicle Identifier *

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Thank you very much for providing us with the information. If you have any comments that may be useful to us, we would appreciate it if you leave them in writing. Otherwise, leave the text empty

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Marcet offers a transfer service for its students, in order to facilitate their arrival at the sports city.

From Marcet we can pick up or drop off our students in the following places:

The transfer service can be at any time of the day, but the price varies depending on whether it is during standard hours (09: 00-20: 59) or extreme hours (21: 00-08: 59).

If, once you have contracted the service, you need to indicate any changes in the plans, you can write to

Please note that this service is for students only and the price is per person.

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