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Rafa Bauza celebrates his signing for RCD Espanyol: “Now I have to continue training hard”.

Rafa Bauza met Marcet in Mallorca. “I faced one of their teams and, after the game, I managed to contact the coach of this football school, who explained to me how it worked and suggested that I join the project,” recalls the Espanyol midfielder. “That was six years ago, when I was still little. The following year I joined the Professional Program.”

Q.- How did you start to like football?

A.- I have always liked this sport. I started at the age of five, and whenever I had free time I liked to play with the ball. Today I play as a defensive midfielder and I define myself as a player who likes to drive the ball, make game changes and shoot on goal.

Q.– What were the experiences that marked you the most at Marcet?

A.- Above all, long trips. We made them to participate in tournaments or compete in friendlly games. They were very important moments to progress as a footballer. At Marcet, I made the most of every training session. I always gave it my all. In Barcelona I improved my technique and coordination, but I also learned to be a better person and a good teammate.

Q.- And then, what happened?

A.- Sant Andreu signed me. I stayed there for three years, training hard and with a lot of sacrifice. My last year there was in Cadet A, and it was a very good season both as a group and individually. So much so that Espanyol noticed me.

“Being able to play for such an important team IS like a dream”

Q.- How did you find it out?

A.- I received the news through my father, who received a call from the Espanyol coordinator. At that time I was in Barcelona with some friends and he sent me a message in which he told me to call him as soon as possible. When I got home I called him and he told me. The emotion was enormous. Being able to play for such an important team was like a dream.

Q.- Do you still feel that emotion?

A.- Every time I put on the shirt I get a lot of feelings. I want to continue enjoying this great club, but I don’t have to relax. I have to continue training hard, as I have done so far.

Q.- Where do you see yourself in the future?

A.- Now my main objective is to get as high as possible as a footballer. If this will not be possible, I am studying high school to be able to get a degree in Physical Activity and Sports Sciences.



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