‘A Great Opportunity’


Roland Bocs, a regular fixture of the lower categories of Latvia’s National Team, signs for Hoffenheim.

When Roland Bocs finished his first training session, he quickly realized he wanted to dedicate himself to football. The current Hoffenheim player was only 5 years old, but both himself and his family knew the path he was going to take. Born in Riga, the left-winger has played for various Latvian clubs, always accompanied by Andrejs Kolidzejs. It was thanks to this trainer that Roland got know of Marcet.

I had my first major international experience in Barcelona,” remembers the young Latvian player. Andrejs introduced me to Benito Montalvo, a well-known ex-player of FC Jurmala, who was organizing a drafting in my country for the Marcet Academy. I participated in the event and was selected to join a two-week intensive course in Barcelona. I was very happy because at last I was going to have the opportunity to test myself against footballers from other countries”.

“AT marcet I HAD the opportunity to test myself against footballers from other countries”

Question.- How was the experience for you?

Answer.- This campus was one of the biggest adventures of my life. I loved the way of training and playing football. And not only could I show my footballing skills, but also my language skills. I know how to speak Russian and English, and with these two languages I could speak with players from all over the world and make friends.

Q.- Was everything very different in comparison with Latvia?

A.- Of course there is a big difference between football in my country and in Spain. You only have to look at the European rankings to see so. In countries like Spain and Germany everything is a lot harder because the level of play is so much higher.

Roland Bocs durante un entrenamiento en Marcet.
Roland Bocs during a training session at Marcet Academy.

Q.- How did you come to be signed by Hoffenheim?

A.- After Marcet I went to Germany, where I had a trial for this club. I never imagined my level would be good enough for a team of this calibre, but they chose me right away. I went through a lot of tests to show my value and in the end I was really happy to have this opportunity for my future. I was proud of what I accomplished. My family and my trainer worked hard for me to make it this far.

Q.- You also made your debut for the lower categories of the Latvian National Team

A.- I’ve been playing for them since I was about 14. An injury forced me to miss a tournament, but then I managed to return without any issues to my team. I combine playing for them with playing for Hoffenheim, as well as with my studies because I think it’s important to have a proper academic formation. Without this you can never become a professional footballer.


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