‘I’m living my dream’


Rubén Paraíso signed up for Marcet to be a professional. Today he guards the Real Madrid goal.

Rubén Paraíso started training at Marcet while he was still defending the goal of Las Rozas, a club he had been at since he was 8. “I wanted to improve my technique and my parents had been told how good the High Intensity Course in Barcelona were,” remembers the Real Madrid keeper, who is about to start his third season with the team.

Question.- What did you learn at Marcet? Were the courses useful for your sporting development?

Answer.- Yes, of course. Marcet is very professional and they design very specific training sessions. They had a different way of doing things to what I was accustomed to at that time. I wanted to be a professional keeper and so that’s why I signed up. I remember them showing me a lot of discipline and there being a lot of hard-work. At Marcet I greatly improved my technique.

Rubén Paraíso durante un partido del Real Madrid.
Rubén Paraíso during a match with Real Madrid.

Q.- What differences were there in relation to what you had come across so far?

A.- The international origins of the players, the cooperation between students and technicians, the discipline, the specific training sessions… All these elements gave me a lot.

Q.- How do you define yourself as a keeper?

A.- I’m tall, have good air-game, I feel confident in 1 on 1’s and I know how to play with my feet. My strong points are my speed and my decision making, my quick reactions and my capacity to communicate with the team.

Q.- What’s your objective for the future?

A.- I’m already living my dream, which is playing for Real Madrid. I’m going to work hard to continue with the club and I want to turn professional.



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