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Samuel Pérez Alcántara is unequivocal: he wholeheartedly pursues his dream of becoming a professional football player, despite having received a scholarship from Georgetown University thanks to football.

Samuel Eduardo Pérez Alcántara was born in the Dominican Republic, but his passion for football has taken him to various destinations to pursue his dream. “I always played in local teams, but at 15, I traveled to the US to join the Cruzeiro Academy. In 2021, I had the opportunity to play in their youth academy in Brazil,” Alcántara recounts his experience with one of Brazil’s most prominent teams, primarily owned by the legend Ronaldo Nazario.

Just as he is a globetrotter off the field, he is a versatile player: “I am a left-back who enjoys moving up and down the field, taking control of the left flank. I excel in one-on-one defense and clearing crosses. Offensively, I have a good shot and can deliver accurate crosses.”

His Brazilian coach recommended the Marcet Academy as an excellent option to further his football development. “Marcet contributed significantly to my skills due to the intensity and numerous training sessions and my mental growth through my coaches. I learned to be more independent off the pitch and self-critical,” Samuel confesses. He adds, “I began to reflect on what I did each day and how to improve it, given the level of competition at Marcet.”

Despite his brief time at the academy, just nine months, his progress was enough to attract attention. “I left Marcet to train with Rayo Vallecano‘s youth team and received a football scholarship to study at Georgetown University. Working with an institution that connects talent with American universities, Marcet played a key role in helping me achieve this.”

However, despite the tempting opportunity to study and represent one of the oldest and most prestigious educational institutions in the United States, Pérez Alcántara postponed his studies to chase his dream of becoming a professional player. “I’m waiting for my visa before going back to Madrid, and my goal is to sign with a big club next year,” he declares with determination.

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