The Colombian prodigy


Santiago Córdoba Urrutia: The Versatile and Hardworking Striker, Both on and off the Field

“I am a center forward and play as a number 9. I define myself as strong and hardworking, with a good aerial game. I know how to play with my back to the goal, I have power, and good finishing,” describes the Colombian striker, whose role models are Erling Haaland and Julián Álvarez from Manchester City.

Santiago’s journey to Marcet began in Medellín, Colombia, where he was part of Jackson Martínez’s foundation. A Spanish scout discovered him during a match, and thanks to his outstanding performance, he was chosen for a three-month internship at Marcet Academy in Barcelona in 2014. His great performance earned him a full scholarship for a year in 2015.

“During my time at Marcet, I progressed a lot. I hadn’t been able to learn as a youth player, but I had that opportunity there. I improved my technical skills, which are a significant focus at Marcet, and they taught me values as a player and person. Thanks to God, I also had the opportunity to study,” he recalls with gratitude.

The memories of his time at the Barcelona institution are etched in his memory. “I have very fond memories. Thanks to Marcet, I played against teams like Barcelona and Atlético de Madrid. There were very interesting tournaments, and I had wonderful experiences against teams from Asia, which was very good and gratifying. These were things I never thought I could experience. I remember many friends from Mexico, Spain, and South Korea with whom I still have contact and a very good relationship.”

After his time at Marcet, Santiago continued his career at clubs such as Gil Vicente FC U-19, Pachuca U-20, Club Sport Alianza Atlético Sullana in Peru, Marathon in Honduras, and Patriotas.

“My first contact with a professional club was when I played with Marcet against Gil Vicente in a friendly. I was one of the standout players, and the team from Portugal liked my performance and made contact with Marcet. This club allowed me to debut and grow as a person,” shares Santiago.

“I remember many friends from Mexico, Spain, and South Korea with whom I still have contact and a very good relationship,”

Santiago Córdoba said on his experience at Marcet.

Through his representative, the Colombian striker has been climbing the ranks in professional football. “I have been fortunate to do well in the places I’ve been. When I get the call that a club wants me, it brings me great joy; it’s what I love and makes me very happy. I’m always committed to the cause and want things to go well. These years of climbing have not been easy; they have required a lot of work and sacrifices. Thanks to God, I am now the top scorer for my professional team, and we are playing in the Primera A of Colombian Football.”

With clear goals in mind, Santiago looks to the future with ambition: “My goals in the coming years are to continue progressing, scoring goals, and making my name known. I want to progress in the world of football and move to Europe. Reaching an important club and league, doing things well, would be a significant step for me and my career.”

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