Feet on the ground


Sebastián González signs for Cruz Azul after three years in the Marcet Football University.

There were two surprises that changed Sebastián González‘s life. The first happened three years ago, when he was in a restaurant with his family. “Suddenly I saw there was no food on my plate. Instead there was a notebook,” recalls the Mexican full back. “I didn’t know what it was about, but I soon realized that it was all the paperwork to manage my trip to Spain. I didn’t really know what to feel… I wanted to scream, laugh, cry, everything.”

Sebastián’s parents had been looking for a soccer academy for his son, who had started playing for Toluca as a child before having to leave the club. “There was also an option in Phoenix on the table, but in the end my parents choosed Marcet on the recommendation of an acquaintance.”

This is how Sebastián, a native of the magical town of Metepec, landed in the Checking Program. “The test lasted a week, but it was my first time in Europe and I was very nervous. All the time my laces were untied,” recalls the right full back, who had arrived in Barcelona as a winger.

“I arrived in Spain IN ORDER TO SIGN
for a club, and I fulfilled MY GOAL”

The change of position occurred in the following years. In total, Sebastián spent three seasons in the ranks of the Marcet Football University Professional Program. Until another surprise changed his life again. “This time they told me by mistake. My parents came to visit me to see me play in the MIC tournament, but they didn’t tell me anything. Shortly after I called them, and my mother let it slip that Cruz Azul was interested in signing me. She thought she had already told me that during her trip to Spain, but I had just found out”.

Sebastián González durante un entrenamiento en Barcelona.
Sebastián González in a training at Marcet’s facilities.

So, after training in Barcelona, Sebastián has been able to return to his country with all his papers in order to prove his worth in football. An opportunity that he earned through hard work during his stay at Marcet, where he learned to prepare for a scenario like the one he’ now facing.

“In Barcelona I learned a lot of tactics, and that will be very useful to me, because in other countries this aspect is not as well developed. But each of the experiences I had in these three years was unique. Marcet is like a family, where everyone helps everyone. I arrived in Spain with the goal of signing for a club, and I fulfilled it. Reaching Cruz Azul is a great achievement, but I don’t want to get too excited. Life has taught me that it is better to work with your feet on the ground”.

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