Smart Football R&D


Marcet collaborates with Hannover 96 and the German company Exerlights in the implementation of new training models.

Encouraging smart football and helping players to finding solutions to the problems they face in the field, by themselves. That is the mantra shared by Marcet and Hannover 96‘s methos, two football schools that have intensified their relationships in recent years to develop new and more effective didactic. Their latest collaboration revolves around new technologies and aims to create a training environment more tailored to their young players.

In a recent visit to our facilities in Barcelona, Hannover 96’s technicians arrived accompanied by the German company Exerlights (, a company dedicated to innovating the traditional methods of teaching in football. “Together we are developing a training model designed to improve visual perception and autonomous decision-making for children,” explains Benito Montalvo, director of the Junior Professional Program.

“WE ARE COMBINING several stimuli so that the PLAYER has to constantly think”

Sixteen Marcet players tested a technological variant of Funiño, the system devised by the German technician Horst Wein, one of the greatest experts in methodology as far as grassroots football is concerned. It’s a competition with four goals, in which players participate without the intervention of adults who may limit their creativity. Thus, the children are free to make mistakes, learn from them and develop their innate potential.

This system gives the player the chance to develop good decision-making,” says Montalvo. “In addition, we are experimenting with a technological version of Funiño, in which we use LEDs in the goal, on the edges of the field and in the vests of the players. This is to combine several stimuli so that the player has to constantly think.”

A training method that is in line with what Marcet has been doing in recent years. “We have many points in common with this philosophy,” explains the director of the Junior Professional Program: “In fact, our Department of New Technologies has been using the Reaction Goals for years, small luminous goals that allow us to improve decision making and peripheral vision, in this sense, our work can be perfectly complemented with the proposals of Exerlights and Hannover 96.”

The methodological collaboration with entities that are at the forefront of methodological research in football is always one of the reasons for being of the Marcet Academy. Especially when it comes to encouraging active learning because an intelligent players are the ones who know how to find in themselves the solution to the problems they face on the pitch. It is maieutics applied to football: the coach can and should guide the player along the way, but it’s the player that must pave the pathway.



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