Scoring through symmetry


Through structural analysis it’s possible to conduct a diagnostic of the physical asymmetries that have a damaging impact on the biomechanics of a player.

What’s Sergio Ramos’ secret to scoring so many headed goals? Why is Cristiano Ronaldo so effective in front of goal?

Part of the answer to these questions lay in the perfect symmetry of their technical movement, optimised to the maximum. Because bad footing, incorrect arm movement or a bad body positioning can not only result in certain injuries, but also take away important milliseconds from the pace of the game.

These imbalanced body positions are a natural consequence of our day to day tasks. From the moment we are born our bodies adjust in relation to the activities that we do. This due to this evolutionary process, we end up developing adaptive asymmetries that can seriously harm our athletic performance.

A detailed report

When pushing for footballing excellence it’s vital to detect these imbalances in our body shape, that can have a hugely negative influence when it comes to practicing the ‘King of Sport’.

Through Structural Analysis made by Marcet it’s possible to conduct a precise diagnostic of all these physical asymmetries that have a damaging impact on the biomechanics of a player.
Imaging from their sprints, thermal analysis of their muscles and the measuring of weight distribution in their legs offer concrete data on the imbalances which must be corrected in order to maximise the athletic performance of a footballer.

A detailed report gathers the results of the structural analysis, exemplified with images and comparative graphs. The final goal is to correct postural flaws through exercise in order to prevent injuries and acquire competitive advantages when it comes to sprinting, jumping and heading. Another way of demanding more out of one’s self and making a huge decisive step towards professional football. And to the way Sergio Ramos and Cristiano Ronaldo play.

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