There’s always margin for improvement


Even consolidated players in top flight clubs take advantage of the summer to improve and return to their respective clubs stronger and technically ready.

“I came to this intensive summer course to work on my technique. My teammates prefer to rest during the summer, but I’m ambitious and I want to become a professional”. Just a few words by Maël Caisson to give you an insight into not only his commitment to the sport but his ambition to improve. It also shows how intensive summer courses are an essential tool on the road to football excellence.

Maël is 13 years old and has spent his whole life in the AS Monaco FC academy, one of the most important clubs in France. He is part of the French football elite and he’s not looking for another club. But he knows perfectly well that there is always margin for improvement and that everyday – even during the summer – there’s a great opportunity to improve. One thing is for sure, it wasn’t easy for him to find a summer course that suited his talent.

I came to Marcet because in France there aren’t any courses like this. I saw there were a lot of courses offering 10-15 hours of football a week. But on this High Performance Course they guarantee 40 hours”, Maël explains, who will continue to work with Marcet from a distance. “I’ll film my matches then send them to the analysts . Then we’ll have videoconferences and they’ll advise me on what I’ve done good and what was bad”.

The Monaco defender’s situation is similar to another three players who have joined the High Tech Courses: Adrían Melero, Pablo Melero and Jaime Barral. The three are U-10s players for Real Madrid CF and they’ve come to Barcelona to “improve their technique and learn how to pass the ball long”.

The following year they’ll make the step-up to 11-a-side football, and they want to prepare themselves the best way possible to be at a level that a club like Real Madrid demands. Whilst at Marcet they’ll improve their technique, they’ll also compete in a high level competition which is the World Cup, where they will put into play values like respect, team ethic and personal organisation and hygiene. Just as Jaime says, “In the end you feel great because you learn a lot and it makes you feel better”.



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