Thiago: “Marcet is #1 for Overall Development”


Thiago Alcántara shared his inspiring journey to professionalism with the students of the Marcet Academy.

In a gesture that highlights his commitment to social inclusion and the holistic development of young talents, Thiago Alcántara recently visited the Marcet Academy in Barcelona. Acknowledging the foundation’s work, Thiago delivered an enriching talk to the students, where he emphasized the fundamental values that have been key to his success in football: discipline, respect, and teamwork.

In his speech, Thiago underscored the crucial difference between the education provided by Academies, especially Marcet, and that found in traditional football clubs. “Academies, unlike football clubs, give you more opportunities beyond football. They focus on shaping individuals, not just players; that’s the difference,” the Liverpool FC footballer stated. He added, “Teams are very specific about what they want within the football world, whereas Academies are for sports and life.”

Alcántara emphasized that talent, while essential, is not enough to succeed in football. “We all have different talents that make us unique, but they can only be capitalized on with two things: discipline and respect.” The footballer highlighted how consistent work is the key to enhancing that talent. “I’ve seen players with incredible abilities who haven’t become professionals, and vice versa—people I thought would struggle who became great players. Identifying aspects of the game that can be improved is very important.”

thiago alcántara - marcet
Thiago shared valuable advice for Marcet students, in sports and in life.

Thiago concluded his talk by emphasizing the importance of balance and personal well-being. He encouraged the youth to enjoy their passions and care for themselves to reach their full potential. “You should try to do what you enjoy, go to the movies, hang out with friends. But on the field, it’s true that to become a professional, you have to take good care of yourself, sleep well, and eat well.”

The words of the Spain international, former FC Barcelona and Bayern Munich player, will resonate in the hearts and minds of the students forever, inspiring them to pursue their dreams with discipline, respect, teamwork, and a balanced approach to life. Thank you for your time and words, Thiago!

Thank you for your visit and inspiration, Thiago!
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